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Australia's leading, largest annual Gift and Homewares Trade Fair, proudly sponsored by the Australian Gift & Homewares Association (AGHA), will exhibit thousands of products at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) and Melbourne Showgrounds on August 4-8. Sydney will have theirs on February 2013.

29 Mar 20

Diamond jewelry used to be saved and only brought out of the jewelry box on special occasions. The most recent trend, however, is to wear beautiful, sparkly jewelry daily because there is no reason for it to stay tucked away.

24 Apr 20

Most people have converted from traditional cameras and photographic equipment, ones that require film and developing, to digital cameras and digital pictures. A similar transformation is happening with picture frames as more and more people realize the benefits digital picture frames.

13 May 20

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25 Sep 20
Did you know that you can shop for, select and purchase your prescription glasses from the comfort of your home or office? Whether its' your very first pair of corrective lenses or you've worn glasses all your life, there are some benefits to buying your next pair online. Buying prescription glasses online offers maximum selection, savings and comfort.
03 Dec 20
Designer cathedral hats for ladies make Sunday afternoon's special for everyone out there. That's because these accessories are designed using supreme quality materials. The durable designs are also available at reasonable prices. So, women church hats are ideal fashion accessories for your Sunday wear.
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26 Sep 20
When it comes to shoe-buying, most shoe manufacturers seem to make no provisions for individuals needing special-sized shoes. In their minds everyone possesses smaller, narrower feet. However, there are a number of individuals who have very large or very wide feet, without necessarily being any bigger weight-wise than those deemed to have 'normal' feet.
15 Dec 20
A custom designed closet system can not only make it easier to find items that are stored but can save space by utilizing unused nooks and areas. But even with a custom closet, you may feel as if you still do not use the space wisely. When you look at your existing shelving and storage compartments they most likely lack the accessories needed to make the most of the space involved.
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