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December 15, 2020
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Maximizing Storage By Adding Accessories To A Closet System

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A custom designed closet system can not only make it easier to find items that are stored but can save space by utilizing unused nooks and areas. But even with a custom closet, you may feel as if you still do not use the space wisely. When you look at your existing shelving and storage compartments they most likely lack the accessories needed to make the most of the space involved. This article will point out some ideas you may want to consider.

It's More Than A Closet

Even if you don't have the advantage of having a custom designed closet system, you probably have horizontal bars installed at various heights to accommodate the different lengths of clothes that you may own. Most people use a few items more frequently than others or even daily. By adding a few small hooks to the closet organizer you have a simple yet convenient way to quickly slip items off and on. If you don't have additional room to add hooks you may want to consider over the door hooks. Be sure to install a door guard so when fully opened they do not puncture a hole in your wall.

Shelves Are The Key To A Closet Organizer

You may think you have a well-organized closet, but stand back and take a good look. Chances are there are always ways to make improvements. Open space can be put to good use by adding additional shelves or hanging baskets that hang from the top shelf. These baskets can increase available room without adding clutter to the closet area. Suddenly, you have a closet organizer!

Some closets have deep corners, which can be very difficult to reach, let alone utilize. These areas can become productive with spring loaded corner shelves, turntables or baskets that pull out. Smaller items like ties, socks, shoes and underwear can be placed here in a neat and orderly fashion.

What To Do With Those Knick-Knacks

We all have those odd shaped items such as toys, pillows, hair blowers, old picture frames, etc. A good closet organizer tip is to make use of baskets rather than a shelf. Search for a style like a drawer that pulls out. Sweaters can take up a lot of space. Put them in a specially designed sweater bag and extract the extra air from the bag. Now they can be placed in a plastic container that will fit under the bed. When seasons change this allows you quickly exchange your winter sweaters for lighter weight clothes without having to worry about where to store them.

Drawers, Drawers And More Drawers

A good closet system will make use of drawers. Drawers are great for storing smaller items but, like most things, they have a unique set of problems. When you open and close a drawer quickly items often go crashing into each other and they are difficult to keep organized. A divider will correct this problem. If you have your closet organizer custom designed for you, you can request these. If you just want to improve your current situation, most home improvement stores sell removable dividers for you to use. A shallow basket is another great, inexpensive way to help organize the items in a drawer.

The size of your closet isn't as important as how the space is used. These additional accessories are inexpensive ways to help you create your own closet system, get organized and stay that way. Once you see how well organized you closet is you may want to expand the concept to the rest of the house creating a less stressful and wasteful living area.


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