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November 12, 2020
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Little Black Party Dress

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In a must-have list for a woman's closet, the little black party dress is near the top. Every woman, after all, will be invited to parties where cocktail dresses are the stylish attire at many points in her life so it pays to be prepared.

It is not even necessary to acquire dozens of little black party dresses to clutter the closet. Since each little black dress is versatile in that its basic look can be transformed into many different looks with a simple change of accessories including jewelry, bags and shoes, just a few will do.
There are many ways to dress up and dress down a little black party dress so that the effect achieved is always that of a style icon. Here are the most important tips from choosing to accessorizing the little black dress for whatever occasion from a hot date to a cocktail party.

Find One That Fits Perfectly

Fashion experts agree that the best investment in party dresses is to find one that fits in all the right places from the shoulders to the knees. The little black dress is designed to enhance the womanly curves of the wearer while hiding her physical flaws. But keep in mind that each woman has a unique physique so what may look good on an Aphrodite may not look good on a Venus and vice versa.

As such, it is important to actually wear the little black party dress before buying it. Wear issues like too tight or too loose, too short or too long, and too simple or too ornate can then be avoided. When buying online, make sure that the dress can be returned for another size or that the dress can be altered without compromising the fabric.

Go for a Timeless Classic

Fashion experts also agree that a simple, classic and timeless cut is preferable over a too-trendy style when it comes to little black party dresses. This is because fashion in clothes tends to be recycled over many seasons, in a manner of speaking, with personal accessories having the fastest rate of obsolescence.

In a few months, the too-trendy little black party dress will be passe because of the details in it but the classic one will still be in style with the change of personal accessories. For example, the classic little black dress from many seasons ago can be dressed up with the latest style in bags, shoes and jewelry for a trendy yet timeless look.

Change the Look

This is where personal style comes in. Depending on one's personal style, the little black dress can be transformed from classic to edgy, casual to sophisticated, and cute to vampy - all buy changing the personal accessories that come with the dress.

Look through fashion magazines and watch runway shows for inspiration. Be inspired by movies where the little black dress is the star of the wardrobe such as Breakfast at Tiffany's. Experiment with the look by adding small pearls or chunky jewelry, belts or brooches, scarves or necklaces, kitten heels or stilettos, and whatever other items will jazz up the color and cut.

In conclusion, choosing a versatile, beautiful and timeless little black party dress that will become the star of the wardrobe is of greater importance than buying boxes of inferior cocktail dresses that will never see the light of day.


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