Barbie Cakes: Where Couture Meets Culinary

So as a teen, I am pretty much in love with my fridge. Not saying that all teenagers are required to worship food, but I’m very content to sit on my couch munching on the Little Debbie version of Rice Krispies treats while watching Supernatural. I’m not much into the marketing and whatnot for various junk foods (i.e. Chester the Cheetah, the Trix rabbit)because I find them cheesy and for the little kids.I just want it to taste good. So imagine my surprise when, browsing through Pinterest (follow me here!), I saw the most gorgeous cake ever. And it was Barbie. In a couture ballgown.

Say What Now?

Let me say this: I have never ever liked Barbie dolls. Ever. My mom said I used to throw them in the trash when she wasn’t looking. That said, this may be the closest I’ve been to liking a Barbie doll. I didn’t even care what flavor it was! I wanted to eat it because it was just so gorgeous. Further investigation revealed that each confection was based on the designs of Charles James, also known as America’s first couturier. His dresses were always well cut and draped and flowed like water. I think it’s great that these bakers were allowed to pay homage to one of the greatest designers in American history.

So enjoy the eye feast! And if you’re feeling hungry, I suggest the Publix strawberry cake with buttercream icing. Delish!


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Chillin’ Like a Villain: A Summer Girlboss Look

It is just so. Freaking. Hot. I mean it’s only 85, and that’s not hot to some people. But it snowed not once, but TWICE down here in the ATL. A Southern girlboss like myself is not used to that. So there I was, sitting in the sweltering heat in front of a super packed Starbucks sipping on a strawberry Frapp when all of a sudden, the fashion goddesses rained the perfect outfit in front of my eyes.

I don’t know who she was, but she was dressed to kill. The heat didn’t dampen her mood one bit obviously. Black leather shorts, a ripped band tee (I think it was the Rolling Stones), and killer white pumps with cherry print. Whoever this fabulous chica was, kudos! It got me to thinking. Why shouldn’t I ditch the basic florals and pastels of spring? I needed my inner #GIRLBOSS to come out! Heat or no heat! So I was inspired.

A Hot Summer Girlboss Look

Not only was I inspired by the real life #GIRLBOSS, Sophia Amoruso, founder, and CEO of Nasty Gal clothing, but  I was also thinking about Cruella DeVill when I made this (Killing puppies besides, that woman had it goin’ on!). Leather can add instant edge to any outfit. If you’re worried about sweating in them, substitute regular black jean shorts. Cheetah print is also very tough in my opinion. Go sky high with a pair of heels or booties and stomp down that imaginary runway like you OWN it. Compliment the ensemble with gold bangles and a super bold red lip. Just make it your own!

What outfit makes you feel like a Girlboss?


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Subscription Box Showdown: Julep Maven vs POPSUGAR Must Have

Beauty subscription boxes are slowly but surely becoming all the rage. Who wouldn’t want the latest and greatest beauty products mailed right to your door? With all the subscription boxes out there, it’s hard to choose one. Today I’m featuring two beauty boxes that I both think are great buys, depending on what you’re looking for. So, in the blue corner, created by Jane Park is the Julep Maven Beauty Box! In the red corner, created by Lisa Sugar, is the POPSUGAR Must Have Box!




For me, my budget is the biggest piece in my decision to buy clothing and beauty items.The Julep Maven program offers a monthly subscription of $19.99, 3 months for $60, 6 months for $120, and one year for $240. You also get free shipping and 20% off the entire Julep website for the duration of your subscription. The POPSUGAR box offers a monthly subscription of $39.95, 3 months for $110, 6 months for $215, and one year for $430. Overall, the Maven program is better for a budget babe, whereas the POPSUGAR box is better for a splurge-y kind of girl!


The content of the Julep Maven box is full of nail colors and innovative beauty products all set to a specific monthly theme. When beginning your Maven subscription, you take a “Style Profile” quiz to decide what kind of box you receive each month. The five types you could receive are:

1) Classic with a Twist- Receives 2 unique nail colors and one full-sized beauty product

2) Boho Glam- Receives 2 unique nail colors and one full-sized beauty product

3) Modern Beauty- Receives 2 full-sized beauty beauty products

4) Bombshell- Receives 2 unique nail colors and one full-sized beauty product

5) It Girl- Receives 3 unique nail colors

The POPSUGAR box is more widespread in its offerings. The box usually features a full-sized fashion, beauty, home, fitness, or even food products that have been hand-picked by the editors each month. However, everyone receives the same box each month.

Rewards Programs

Now if you’re going to pay for these magnificent boxes, you want to be rewarded for it, no? Thought so. Now the Julep Maven Reward’s Program runs through a points system called Earn On. You earn points, called Jules, for doing certain things in the Maven program. For example, for each box you pre-pay for, you receive 300 Jules. You also receive 1,000 Jules fro referring a friend to the Maven program! You can use the points to buy items around the site such as add-ons for your box, single beauty products, or even a free month of Julep Maven! See the full rewards conditions here.

The POPSUGAR rewards program is much less complex. It’s a simple referral system. Refer two friends, get a free month. Refer 5 friends, get three months free. If you refer ten, you get six months. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Both boxes are amazing are absolutely amazing (I’ve tested!), but it all comes down to your budget and personal style. So who do you choose? Let me know below!

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New Years Chic Style Ideas

Welcome to The Chic Machine, a place full of style, fun, and a little bit of magic!  A new year comes, and so can a new you! If you want to start 2014 off right, you’re going to need a slammin’ outfit to party in while the ball drops. And if you’re staying home this year, you still don’t want that New Years Instagram photo to be of you in that same old hoodie with a champagne glass in your hand (Uck!). This list is a go-to guide for New Years Eve 2014. If you don’t see your style, mix them together, or let me know  so I can do it better next time!

1. Super Glam!

To you, New Year’s Eve is all about the parties and being seen at them. On a night when you really want to shine, throw on some glitter! There can never be enough glitter! The secret is to pair that sparkly top or those shimmering heels with solid, neutral colors like black and white.  Beauty-wise, glitter eyeliner makes your eyes sparkle, and no guy will be able to take his off of you.

New Years Fashion: Super Glam!

2.Menswear Inspired

Maybe you’re not one for all the dresses and frills, but you lean more towards the suave coolness of menswear. For that type of outfit, find a cool graphic tee (preferably in white, gray, or red) and pair it with a sharp black blazer (or white with the gray or red shirts. Then add a pant with a tuxedo stripe down the side and some loafers. To top it off, throw on a cute bow tie. Ta da! Menswear chic! For a neat, elegant beauty look, put your hair up in a tucked chignon and spritz with hairspray to keep flyaways in place.

New Years Fashion: Menswear Inspired

3. At-Home Cozy

Are you stuck at home this year? Well, that gives you no excuse to lounge around in your dad’s dingy college sweater and some sweats(no offense Dad!). If you want any Instagram-worthy selfies tonight, dress down, yet classy, in the good old pair of blue jeans. Add on any color sweater and a pair of black combat boots, and you’re good to go! Keep your makeup natural, and make sure to take you the pic in good lighting so you can truthfully post #nofilter!

New Years Fashion: At-Home Cozy


Lastly, I want to ask, what’s your NYE style?

I want to wish you all a very happy New Years! Check back soon for more fashion, beauty, and life tips here at The Chic Machine!

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