Product Review: Glossier Body Hero

Heyyyy everyone! I feel like it’s been so long since I did an honest to god product review, but Glossier has got me on lock with these monthly launches! This month’s launch they started Phase 3 of their line, which is body products. The Body Hero campaign was beautiful, showcasing women of different colors and body types which I LOVED. It was an interesting move for them, and I’m excited to see where else it’ll go. Let’s get started!

As I detailed in my preview post, the Glossier Body Hero Duo consists of the Daily Oil Wash ($18) and the Daily Perfecting Cream ($22). They’re both scented with Orange Blossom Neroli which is how one of my childhood vacation bible schools smelled like (weird I know) so I enjoyed a bit of nostalgia while using these.

Product Review: Glossier Body Hero

Body Hero Daily Oil Wash

I swap out my shower regimen fairly often because I use products up a lot faster than I do other beauty products. I was in the middle of a bar of goat’s milk soap my aunt gifted me, so I was happy to try out something a little different. My only experience with body oil is the baby oil my mom used to slather on me when I was a kid, but this wasn’t like that (exactly). It doesn’t foam, even with a washcloth, which is a little annoying. It “froths” instead which is more like teeny tiny bubbles. Bubbles make me feel squeaky clean, but I don’t think that was the idea with Body Hero. However, if you’re not big on bubbles, you’ll probably like this! One of my favorite ways to use the oil is to exfoliate first (I’m using the Lush Scrubee bar right now) and then follow up with the oil. My skin feels really silky smooth after!

My biggest qualm with the oil is that you have to use a LOT. I feel like I’m using 5-6 pumps to adequately cover and clean my whole body which means this isn’t going to last very long if I use it on the regular. This is something you should keep in mind going forward because although it’s a big bottle for $18, paying $18 over and over isn’t the most cost-effective. If this is a luxury purchase for you, then you should certainly move ahead! Or, you can purchase the duo and save a bit of money that way.

Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream

This cream is perfect for the fall months when the weather starts to change and so does your skin! A lot of Glossier’s products are very light, but this cream is definitely a heavy body cream which is going to be great for winter for my eczema chapped skin! It comes out of the bottle white, but on deep skin is has a very distinct light pink tint until you rub it into the skin. It’s not sticky and absorbs quickly, leaving a light sheen over the skin that’s comparable to the sheen in Birthday Balm Dotcom. It’s subtle, but noticeable which I love. Plus, it lasts ALL DAY LONG. I put it on in the mornings after a shower usually around 8:30-9 am, and I like to wear shorts in the Georgia heat, but it doesn’t sweat off or anything. It just shines! I don’t get ashy, and my legs look just as good at 5 pm as they did when I left my dorm.

My biggest qualm with the cream is that if you rub it in too much it starts to pill. They easily brush off, but that seems to be a problem with the formulation. I also have little bumps pop up around my knees for about an hour after application. They don’t hurt or itch, and I think it may have something to do with my eczema (that’s where it normally flares up), but I felt it should be included in this review.

All in all, I highly recommend the cream for everyone and the oil for someone who wants a special shower treat if they don’t have a bathtub (I miss my Lush bath bombs lol). Don’t forget you can get the Body Hero duo together for $35 and for 20% off if you shop through my rep link. Big thanks to everyone who shopped with me this month. You help make these reviews possible!

What’re your favorite bath/shower products? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you next week!

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October Thoughts

October Thoughts

Welcome to October world, only 30 days left until Halloween! Yes, I’m one of those people! I love Halloween and October in general because that’s when it really starts to feel like fall. I am hesitant to call it fall though because even though it’s a breezy 68 degrees today, Georgia weather will change on you at the drop of a hat. College is going well so far, and I’m really enjoying myself and my new environment.

I’ve been really busy between working two jobs and schoolwork, so I’ve had to make an extra effort to be organized and to prioritize what’s important to me. Going into my fourth year of blogging, I’ve become frustrated with a lot of things, namely how social media practices have gotten so hyper-superficial, in a way I wouldn’t have anticipated when I started using various platforms 4 years ago.

It’s gotten to the point where there have been days I ask myself, why are you still blogging? Do you even enjoy it anymore? You barely make time for it, and the writing (I feel at least) has been lackluster. When I think about all I’ve been able to do and accomplish because of this little blog, I smile. I’ve met a lot of people and gotten a lot of opportunities, and yes there’s the money factor. What little income I generate from this site has been helpful to pad a part-time job income and to give me a little more freedom than some of my peers who don’t work in any capacity.

I came into this industry naive and fresh, and I did what I loved. I still love it, but these days it feels like there is an insurmountable learning curve preventing me from operating at my very best. Whenever I go to other blogs or Google for advice, it’s almost always about monetization or building an email list. And frankly, that’s not what I’m here for. The money is a happy accident. My definition of success is for an audience to see, appreciate, and enjoy the work that I’ve put out into the world, and maybe help other people who like me, a few years ago, just want somewhere to express their passions.

I’m working on a side project right now called SprinkleMeet (@sprinklemeet on IG & Twitter), and while the original idea was for an app, it may be turned into a blog itself. I want to be able to share what I’ve learned as a casual blogger, not one of the multimillion dollar professional ones. For the ones who do it for the passion, and the love, all while balancing the realities of the real world. We’re not jet-setting to every fashion week, nor do we have the fancy cameras, the Instagram husbands, or worlds chicest apartment. But we are here, chugging along.

October, and fall, to me, means change. And I hope one day soon I can move past this little rut and change the way I’ve been thinking about the work that I do and the impact I will leave.

Much Love,

Dymond M. <3

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Weekend Shopping Haul Video

Happy Friday everyone! For many of you, you’re celebrating the weekend because it’s PAYDAY!!! That’s what I did last weekend, and decided to hit up the mall with my gal pal Alyssa. We went up to the Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody, GA, we had a blast, and I filmed it all! So without further ado, here’s my first haul/vlog video! If you like it, make sure to give it a like and subscribe for future vlog videos. Hopefully, my future videos will focus more on my fashion tendencies as opposed to beauty, but don’t rule out a beauty tutorial or two in the future! Enjoy!

-Dymond M. <3

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Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette Swatches and Review

Woo! I am officially 16 days into my no buy and it’s going pretty well even though the temptations have been rolling in left and right. I mean Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks? 3x points? Memebox’s Valentine set? It’s all driving me just a little bit insane. Also, around the same time I started the no buy I found a community on IG strictly for PANNING? Panning is the act of being able to see the bottom of a pan of product (hitting pan) and actually finishing the whole thing. The goal is to save money by using what you already have, similar to the no buy. It’s been pretty inspiring. One of the products I’ve been getting a lot of use out of has been my Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette.

First Impressions

The packaging on this has a very cute design! I was actually drawn to it because I don’t like chocolate so Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar palette scent was off putting. The peanut butter scent was way more appealing to me! It’ also very affordable for a high-end palette at only $36. The palette comes with 9 PB&J inspired colors and mini booklet inside for ideas on how to wear them. I bought this palette because I owned 2 really old elf quads with 4 purple shades and 4 brown ones and I hope that I could replace them with this.

Swatches & Review

All of these colors are extremely pigmented, especially the browns, so it makes a great everyday palette. However, you can see (or maybe not) that the matte shades REALLY blend into my skin tone. I didn’t like that 3 of the colors were bigger than the others because they’re supposedly “base colors”. I’d rather make them all a little bigger with equal product. Peanut Brittle shows as an orangey, bronze brown with gold shimmer and it is to DIE for. In 2nd place comes Nuts About You, which is a matte complement to Peanut Brittle.

Final Thoughts?

This palette will make a great replacement for my 2 e.l.f. quads. I love the price, versatility, and pigmentation, all of which is great for a black girl on a budget! I would recommend it to anybody who loves the whole “no makeup makeup” look.

Know of any other great, affordable palettes? Have you ever panned before? Let me know in the comments!

Later haters!

– Dymond M. <3

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Reflections on 2015

Wow. I cannot believe that this blog, basically my child project, is 2 years old! That is insane to me, that I’ve actually worked this hard, for this long on one project. At least I know I don’t have committment issues. ^^ There have been some wonderful opportunties provided to me this year, while blogging. I got to model some gorgeous Carolee Jewelry through the generosity of IFB. I was accepted to be a part of the Her Campus High School Ambassadors Program, and I’m learning so much! I collaborated for the 1st (and hopefully not the last) time with fellow bloggers, The Boxy Ladies. I opened a Poshmark store to meet other fashionistas, I got a job at the wonderful retail location of Kohl’s,AND I started my own Fashion Club at school sponsored by the Fashion Insititue of Design and Merchandising. I even started shifting my blog’s focus from style to beauty because as I’ve progressed through the year, I’ve grown a lot in that area, and it interests me a little more. It’s just been one big adventure this year, and I totally cannot wait to do it again next year with all of you, my wonderful followers who make this blog possible. (I know, I know I sound like I’m giving an Oscar speech). I just wanna tell you all, Happy New Year, and here’s to a year full of fashion, beauty, and fun!

Your friend,

-The Mechanic (AKA Dymond 🙂

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The Ultimate Last Minute Gift Guide

Hey guys! It’s almost Christmas!!! (dies) I shall reiterate like I did last year that I think the school system lets us out of school so late on purpose. It’s like BLAM here’s the holidays ENJOY!!! 🙂 One of the reasons I hate getting out of school so late is that I totally haven’t had any time to go out and buy gifts for my family. I don’t even know what to get them and on top of that, what if there isn’t anything that fits my budget? I pride myself on being a prime gift giver. I enjoy being so in tune to my family’s pleasures that I am heralded as a saint when I hand out my presents. It’s just that serious.

Early on this year I posted about earning the opportunity to be a Her Campus High School Ambassador for this school year which is really exciting! I’ve learned a lot of things already about the online journalism spectrum and just reading and sharing all of those HC articles have made me way more enlightened to college predicaments than before. That’s why it gives me great pleasure to share the Her Campus Holiday Gift Guide with you all!

The HC Holiday Gift Guide includes a serious list of wish-worthy gifts for everyone special in your life from siblings, to parents, to friends and significant others. 😉 It’s sectioned off into different categories like tech, beauty, style,etc. It’s even split into girls, guys, mom, and dad for your convenience. If you utilize this amazing guide make sure to tag your purchases and posts with #LiveinthePRESENT!

I can’t believe this blog is almost 2 whole years old! It’s absolutely mindblowing and it’s all thanks to you guys that I’ve earned some of these great opportunities. Keep an eye out for more posts as the year comes to a close (and I finally get some time off from school).


-The Mechanic <3

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Julep Maven: August 2015- The Muse Montreal Collection

Happy Friday Lovelies! I hope you all had an awesome week! It was my first full week back in school and it’s already crazy. 2 APs, an accelerated math class plus Spanish 3. Lord have mercy on me! 😛 On the bright side, I got my August MAven Box this Wednesday finally. There’s a story behind that, but let me show off my goods first!

Notice it looks a bit different than my other boxes. More to come...
Notice it looks a bit different than my other boxes. More to come…

I bought the most nail polishes I’ve ever gotten from Julep at once this month. It was kinda fun getting all these new colors, and since some of my other polish colors are starting to spoil (get very goopy), I figured I would treat myself. This month I opted to recieve a pre curated box, The Confetti Box for $5 less for a total of $20. Then I used my 1300 Jules to buy my 3 add ons, which in turn got me another free nail polish.

Unfortunately, a few complications arose with my order. I’m in the process of moving, so my first box was sent to my old house and then returned to the sender. So I called Julep, and they reshipped it. Which means I had to wait an entire extra week for my box! Then to add insult to injury, they were out of the diamond nail decals for the Confetti Box once they reshipped it, so I ended up getting 2 sheets of the Gold 4-Leaf Clover decals. Then when it got here, I noticed it wasn’t the standard pink monthly box, and when I opened it, it was missing the monthly theme, quote,and coupon cards and I was sorely disappointed, especially after having to wait that long. Another call with customer service proved fruitless as they don’t have the option to send the extras with reshipped boxes. Hopefully they’ll change that soon so everyone who gets a Maven box get’s the full experience!


In order from left to right we have:

  • Brigitte (Classic with a Twist)- Bright white creme (Add On)
  • Elise (Bombshell)- Indigo with purple microshimmer (Bonus Gift)
  • Alyssa (It Girl)- Beachside turquoise creme (Add On)
  • Cally (Boho Glam)- Festival fuchsia iridescent chrome
  • Madelynn (It Girl)- Imperial purple shimmer
  • Mila (It Girl)- Charcoal multicolored glitter

So far I’ve tried out Alyssa,Cally,and Mila and Mila is certainly my favorite out of the three! I love glitter polishes, but mainly the ones that give full coverage and aren’t a clear polish with shiny specks in it! Mila gives full coverage in 2 coats, and you don’t even use that much polish. I’m beginning to think that Julep has some of the best microglitter out there. You guys know any other good ones?


I also got 2 sheets of the Gold 4-Leaf Clover nail decals. I seriously can’t wait to try these out with Brigitte, because I bet they look very minimal and classy! This wasn’t my best experience with Julep, but hopefully next time will be better. It’s still a personal favorite,but I’m ready to start trying some new boxes next month for my birthday. Any suggestions besides Birchbox and Ipsy??

The Back to School series begins next Wednesday afternoon! Be sure to check it out and spread it like wildfire!

Love ya!

-The Mechanic <3

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