Glossier Invisible Shield Sunscreen SPF 35 First Impressions

Hey y’all! Happy hump day! I’m going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point. I received the Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 35 sunscreen a week ago and I’ve had a chance to test it early and give you the DL on it.


The packaging, as with most G products, it very nice. It’s a yellow and white container, which is a refreshing move from the normal millennial pink. The box it comes in is a see through peach which is also a nice summer color. The box is made of the same plastic material that earbuds come in, and I’ve accidentally torn the opening flap. The pump works much better than the Glossier Milky Jelly pump! Equal product for all!


This is a clear, chemical serum sunscreen! It leaves NO white cast whatsoever. Big bonus in the Black Girl Friendly category. It smells like lemons which is a plus because I love citrus scents! It sinks into my skin very quickly (about 10-15 seconds) and a little bit of product goes a long way. The formula dries a little matte, which isn’t my favorite thing, but when I apply makeup after, it’s not a big deal.


This thing is $34. I’m not gonna lie. That’s WAY too much for what it is. There’s only 1 ounce of product, and it’s an average sunscreen at best. Once I use it a little longer, I’ll be able to fully compare it to the Missha sunblock that I’ve already used half a bottle of. That said, I’m not seriously overwhelmed by it. However, if it plants the idea in your head that you should be using sunscreen EVERY DAY, then I guess it’s worth it? But I don’t feel super comfy pushing it on yall because I don’t think it’s as revolutionary as they’re saying it is. It’s all about the exact ingredients you want in your routine I suppose, but I have fairly good skin that isn’t super sensetive, so I’m not very discretionary about many ingredients.

If you decide to purchase, remember that ANYONE can use my link, and not just new shoppers. Everyone gets free shipping at $30 and with the 20% off, the sunscreen comes down to $27.20.

Here are more of my Glossier Reviews!

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Beauty Boot Camp: PROM Edition

Hey, everyone! To those who celebrated, I hope you had an awesome Easter weekend! This week, I will do a complete. Skin. DETOX. Wanna know why? I’m going to my SENIOR PROM on Saturday! I’m very excited because prom gives me a chance to get totally glam and dance the night away! There will be more details on my makeup look and outfit later, but this week, I’ve got to get my skin clean and clear! I already have fairly good skin, but I want it baby butt smooth so all of my makeup can be applied ~flawlessly~. So, this week I won’t be wearing ANY makeup, and instead, I’ll be chronicling my skincare routine until the big day across my channels (@thechicmachine). This routine (or something similar with YOUR favorite products) can be used before a big event with noticeable results!

This post contains some referral and affiliate links through which this blog makes a small amount of money that goes to the upkeep of this blog! I have purchased all products and this post is NOT sponsored.

The Game Plan

  • My morning routines will be fairly simple as I will use the same products every day.
    1. Glossier Milky Jelly (Cleanser)
    2. All 3 Glossier Supers (Serums)
    3. Glossier Soothing Face Mist (Toner/Hydrating Mist)
    4. Glossier Priming Moisturizer Original (Moisturizer)
    5. Missha All Around Safe Block SPF 45 (Sunscreen)

This will keep my skin hydrated and sun protected for all the days leading up to the dance. This biggest caveat here is NO MAKEUP. Especially face makeup (foundation,etc.) but also eye and lip makeup as well. Of course, you only have to do this to your own comfort level, but I won’t be wearing any at all.

  • My evening routines will be a little more complex because I want to give my skin ample time to soak up all the goodness I’m putting into it.
    1. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water (Makeup Remover)*
    2. Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser (Oil Based Cleanser)
    3. Tony Moly Peach Punch Sweet Foam Cleanser (Water Based/Foaming Cleanser)
    4. Pixi Glow Tonic (Chemical Exfoliator/Toner)**
    5. (Mon.,Wed.,Fri.) Some sort of sheet mask. I have undereye masks as well as full face masks so I’ll do one of the two (or maybe both if I feel like it)
    6. (Tues.,Thurs.) A deep cleaning mask (clay,mud,etc.)
    7. Final Night Cream (I rotate between Glossier Moon Mask and Julep Night Shift Mask)
    8. Friday night, I’ll also be adding a Biore pore strip between my cleansers and my sheet mask!
  • *Even though I’m not wearing makeup, I plan to use this because it still removes a lot of the day’s dirt and oil from my skin on contact!
  • **This is a new product I’m using, and as such, will have its own full review later. I’ve patch tested, but if I have an adverse reaction I’ll be sure to discontinue use and proceed with the skin detox as scheduled.

Other Prom Beauty Plans

I also intend on slathering Nair on my legs Thursday night because I never fail to nick myself while shaving. I’m still debating whether to do my brows myself or go have them waxed, simply because you can always tell when it’s been waxed. You know that patch of bare forehead skin surrounded by everything else? Yeah, that. All this plus the prerequisite hair and nail appointment on Saturday afternoon, and I should be ready to go!

As you can see this is serious business to me! I’ll be taking some before and after photos to show you all how it goes! To be honest, I’m probably ticking off the prom gods because I JUST ordered my shoes last night because Forever21 sold out in my size in the store. Praying they make it!

Just for you guys, I have a couple cool offers! Remember that if you buy Glossier for the 1st time, you can get 20% off with my link! Thank you to everyone who has already purchased through it, and although we’re working on incentives for returning customers, I hope you will choose to continue shopping with me! Also, if you’re trying Pixi Beauty for the 1st time like I am, you can use my link for $5 off your purchase! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and make sure you’re following me on my channels (@thechicmachine)! all these goodies make me feel like a giveaway is coming on…

Until Saturday!

-Dymond M. <3

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Glossier Super Serums Update

Hey, all! I’m so happy that it’s finally warming up around here! I decided that now would be a great time to give you an update on the Glossier Super Serums! I’ve had them for almost 6 full months now (My 1st review was after a month!), so I feel like I can speak on the long term results a bit better.

Super Bounce

Super Bounce is now my favorite serum out of the three. It’s a hyaluronic acid serum when aids the skin in looking plump and refreshed right after applying! I already have chubby cheeks, so plumpness isn’t an issue!However, I genuinely feel like my skin has become more moisturized in the last several months than ever! Even when I’m not wearing makeup, I feel like my skin is refreshed and healthy.

Super Pure

In my last post, I noticed a small outbreak of bumps on my face after I started using Super Pure, so I discontinued use. I looked into the ingredients, and this is a Zinc and Niacinamide serum. Niacinamide helps soothe acne and bumps while Zinc helps with sebum (oil) overproduction and cell turnover. What my face likely was going through was a “skin purge”. My glands were pushing all of the nasty stuff out and shortly after I went through the process again, my skin settled! This took about 2 weeks, but you know your skin best, and if you begin getting blemishes in places you normally don’t, it itches or hurts, you should probably stop using it. After a couple months of consistent use, I can say that my acne and bump production has gone from blessedly low to almost nonexistent!

Super Glow

I’ve never really had a problem with dull skin, so I don’t use Super Glow as much as the other two. However, I do believe that my skin looks less dry and more “glowy” when I use it a couple days in a row. Just make sure that when you wear this, you also wear sunscreen! It’s a vitamin C serum when can make skin extra sensitive to the sun’s UV rays! I use Missha’s All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF 45 because it has no white cast! But as many of you know, a Glossier SPF is in the works…

Don’t forget you can buy each of the Supers individually for $28 or buy the Super Pack for $65! That’ll get you free shipping, plus you’re saving $19 than if you bought them all individually! And if you’re purchasing Glossier for the 1st time, be sure to use my rep link for 20% off! Thank you to everyone who has shopped with me so far!

Happy Friday!

-Dymond M. <3


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I’m a Glossier Brand Rep! + Priming Moisturizer Rich Review

Happy Friday, everyone! Before we get to this super luxe face cream review, I have some great news! Late last year, I started following a couple girls on Instagram who suddenly had Glossier brand rep pages. For those of you who know my history with Glossier, y’all know exactly what I thought. Hey, I want one of those! Well, earlier this month, I finally got the coveted email asking me to join the Glossier brand rep program! I was super stoked (of course) because now instead of store credit, I have an affiliate link!

To be clear, 1st I had the regular referral link that’s open to all Glossier customers. Then I was a member of their affiliate program for which I earned a commission. NOW, I’m a part of the rep program that mixes the best parts of both! YOU GUYS now get 20% off your 1st purchase and free shipping at $30, AND I get actual money. Win/Win!Just a heads up, though. My old referral link no longer works, so if you want the discount, you have to go through my page. I’ve taken the time to go through my old posts and switch the links so none of them should be broken, but let me know if you have issues. All the links should now take you to a page that looks like this!

If it weren’t for all of you loyal readers, I never could’ve gotten where I am today, so again I thank you. Now, onto the good stuff!

Priming Moisturizer Rich Face Cream!

After 3 weeks of use, I feel I can write a pretty good review about the PM Rich! Glossier again crowdsourced ideas through Into the Gloss, which is how Milky Jelly came along too! I really loved the packaging on this one! Glossier seems to be stepping it up every time. I love seeing this jar next to my Super Serums! So luxurious!

They really hit the nail on the head with the formula for this one. PM Rich is supposed to be similar to the regular Priming Moisturizer, but with a thicker consistency for dry skin. I have combo skin that switches between oily and dry, and it worked on any day so that was a plus! It is WAY thicker than the regular PM, and is closer in consistency to Julep’s Night Shift Cream which is the night cream I’ve used for almost 3 years.

I’m a little meh on the scent. They used lavender, which is usually a great scent to me! It’s different than rosewater which is a plus, but I guess I’m still getting used to it. It’s not medicinal, just odd. It also takes a lot more product to cover my face due to the thicker consistency. This has led to me using a good portion of the jar in only 3 weeks which sucks because I don’t want to run out that fast. Keep in mind it usually takes me 4-6 months to finish ONE bottle of the regular PM if I’m careful. So although it’s only $35, in repurchases, it could add up.

Bottom Line?

I would recommend this cream to my friends, especially those with dry skin. It looks great on your counter, feels great on your skin, and makes an ordinary day feel luxe! If you want to buy one for 20%, just hit this link and go check out my page! Also, new products mean a giveaway on the horizon…Want to know when the next one is? Make sure you sign up for my email list in the sidebar!

Later haters!

-Dymond M. <3

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My Twinkle Voxbox & My Thoughts on Influenster

Last month, Influenster selected me to participate in their holiday Voxbox, the Twinkle VoxBox! I certainly enjoyed my Covergirl Voxbox and round two sounded great! This particular box contained a mixture of “holiday essentials” both for beauty and food. Sadly, 2 of the products were chocolate, so I didn’t eat them, but my family got a kick out of it. I’m mostly here for the beauty products anyway! I must mention that I received the Twinkle Voxbox from Influenster for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own!

Covergirl So Lashy! Mascara

I felt most excited to receive this mascara out of all of the products teased. Ads for this mascara were in all of my magazines and on Youtube, so I was already familiar with it. I have to say I am very disappointed in this mascara. Since I only have my own eyelashes to work with, I couldn’t test its claim to be the best mascara for all lash types. It just didn’t work for mine. The applicator picks up way too much product even after swiping excess onto the tube which led to clumps. Also, I didn’t see the point of the ball on the end of it? It’s supposed to grab smaller lashes at the inner eye, but I don’t think it did anything I can’t already do with a regular mascara. It’s such a miss which I hate because I wanted to love it.

Aquation Daily Moisturizing Lotion

I’m on the fence about this lotion. During the winter, I get horrible itchy bumps around my knees that no amount of moisture seemed to be able to help. Not baby oil, cocoa butter, and certainly not super fragranced Bath and Body Works lotion. I started using this the night I got the box over my entire body, and not four days later, all of the bumps around my knees were gone. Eureka! I thought I’d finally hit the jackpot! But about a week ago, a strange rash showed up all over the back of my right hand and on my left shoulder. Naturally, I stopped using it, but neither has left. I’m not sure if I had a bad reaction to the lotion or to something I ate/took after my surgery. I’ll update this once I have a doctor’s visit!

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

I love NYM’s products! I’ve purchased both their argan oil and sea salt spray multiple times, and I’ve been satisfied with their other products as well. This just wasn’t a product designed for my hair. My hair is thick, coarse, and soaks up moisture like a sponge. Therefore, I don’t need a dry shampoo to soak up excess oils! And, it was unscented, so I couldn’t even enjoy that. 🙁 Probably going to gift it to a friend.

Final Twinkle VoxBox Verdict

Okay, I feel bad because it sounds like I hated this VoxBox but I didn’t! Overall, the Twinkle Voxbox had amazing value, and great name brand products for me to try out for FREE which never hurts. Hopefully next time, the products work for me a little better!

Want to earn a VoxBox for yourself? Join Influenster with my unique referral link and start connecting your socials. Influenster is one of my favorite sites to do research on beauty products I want to buy! There are tons of pictures, you can ask questions and have them answered in a snap, and it’s a great community to be a part of! If you participate on a regular basis, you could be chosen next! Want to learn more about how I earn all of my freebies? Sign up for my email list for surprise sales, coupons, and more that I only share there!

Happy thoughts!

-Dymond M. <3

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Shopping Alert: Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich Releases TODAY

For all of you suffering from dry winter skin, I feel ya.

My mild eczema loves to flare up in the winter! While getting a good cream for my arms and legs is fairly easy, it’s hard to find a facial cream! You want it to be a balance between moisturizing and not super heavy on the face! Glossier did what it does best, which was poll all of its readers on their home blog Into The Gloss about what would make the perfect thick facial moisturizer for them (I helped!). Now, a little over a year since they posted the open thread, the Priming Moisturizer Rich here!

The moisturizer is supposed to be a thicker version of their Priming Moisturizer which I already use! The best part is, it’s only $35 which is cheap compared to other luxury skin creams! I’m really excited to try it, and you can buy yours too by clicking here or on any of those Glossier banners you see around the site! Just a little reminder that if you choose to buy through my links, I get a teeny tiny commission that goes towards the upkeep of my new website!

Thanks, and happy shopping!

-Dymond M.

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Product Review: Glossier’s Super Serums

Happy Monday everyone! No, this isn’t a rip-off of Captain America, but rather a product review for Glossier’s Super Serums that were launched a few weeks ago. Normally I only play around with skincare/beauty stuff for about a week before I write my reviews. However, I wanted to give these a little bit longer to try since they each have specific uses. I ordered the Super Pack which includes all three serums for $65.

I’ve never used serums alone before. I do have some experience with the serums and essences that my sheet masks come soaked in, so I figured this would be a similar sort of experience. The Supers packaging looks the best out of the Glossier range so far! They packaged each serum in a small glass bottle with a dropper and pale pink top! It looks and feels very luxurious which I find is great for the price point.

The instructions say to apply in between facial washing and moisturizing, and you’re only supposed to use each one ONCE per day. For each serum, I’ve applied two drops on each cheek and two on my forehead, so a little bit goes a long way.

I’ve been breaking out a lot recently, so I’ve been using Super Pure the most out of the three.  After two weeks, I don’t see much of an improvement in my skin, and I seem to have broken out even more. I haven’t been wearing any makeup the last week in order to give my skin time to breath,  and I’ve discontinued use to see if it goes away soon.

Super Glow is my current favorite! It’s vitamin C infused which is supposed to give your face a healthy glow when it’s looking a little dull. This one totally works for me! It has the most watery consistency of the three so I only apply one drop per cheek and one of the forehead. It definitely makes my skin look more glowy and less tired. I do have a time making sure it doesn’t roll off my face while I’m trying to pat it in, so I suggest tilting the head back for this one.

Super Bounce has been very helpful too! I’ve been fighting a cold for the last several days and I’ve had a Netflix date with my bed and Grey’s Anatomy. I just kinda felt like a stale piece of bread. Super Bounce restores elasticity to my skin and helps it feel very soft and smooth which is great for makeup application! Super Bounce is the thickest of the serums so I alternate between 1 or 2 drops on each cheek and only one on the forehead.

Although I’ll be taking a break from these to see if my breakout subsides, I really did enjoy using these serums! I highly recommend purchasing them in the pack because you save a full $19 by doing so. However, you can buy just one at $28 to try it out!

Also, apparently there was a glitch in the Glossier referral link system. Normally, referrals are supposed to cap off at 50 people (or $500), but it allowed me to refer about 300 people (or $3000) this year. They’ve fixed it, but I just wanted to give you a heads up that my 20% off link does still work! I just won’t start earning credit again until next year. That may mean fewer giveaways for now (sad face, I know), but thanks to you guys, I was able to donate $700 of that credit I earned to Rachel’s Ray of Hope, a local charity in my town. I hope to continue to donate in the future which means you have to keep using the link!


-Dymond M. <3Glossier

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Product Review: TONY MOLY Bubble Mask Sheet

Hello, dear readers! Happy Saturday! I made it through my first week of senior year and I must say, I’m thoroughly unimpressed. Oh well. Another thing I was unimpressed with was this mask. No! A mask I didn’t like? I’m sorry to say it’s true. But before I explain, let’s let Justin from the Asian Beauty blog Juskin break down the ingredients in this mask!


Cocamidopropyl Betaine: This ingredient is derived from coconut oil, and has multiple functions. It is able to work as a surfactant, allowing the product to be washed away easily if needed.  Cocamidopropyl Betaine can also be used as an emulsifier, stopping other ingredients in the product from separating. In doing so, it thickens the formulation and reduces irritation from other ingredients in the product. This ingredient also allows the product to foam and provides some light moisture to the area applied.  This product is listed as an irritant because it can worsen dermatitis & eczema conditions with repeated use.

Phenoxyethanol: Is used for its antibacterial properties, and as a preservative in skincare/cosmetics. This ingredient has side effects if the dosage is high in products. However, is non–toxic when applied on a dermal route (the skin). This product is considered an irritant because it can cause severe discomfort to the human body if ingested. This is sought of irritation is unlikely for cosmetics, as there is not enough Phenoxyethanol a product to cause such irritations.

Illicium Verum (Anise) Fruit Extract: This ingredient is a powerful antioxidant and has antibacterial properties. However, also has a fragrant component, possibly causing skin irritation.

Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Extract: Primarily used in cosmetics as fragrance, and has tiny antibacterial properties. Studies have shown Lavender Extract can cause cell death topically, and reduce collagen count over time.


Glycerin: Is found naturally topically on our skin, and helps our skin stay soft & supple. It ‘draws’ water from beneath our skin layers to the top. This will result in this ingredient treating dry skin conditions topically. However, when too much pure glycerin is added in a product, this can actually be negative for you. Needless to say, too much of pure glycerin will continue to take water from our layers underneath our skin, until it is dehydrated.

Sodium Cocoyl Apple Amino Acids: These amino acids are derived from apple juice. It allows the product to create a dense amount of foam/ lather.

Methyl Perfluorobutyl Ether & Methyl Perfluoroisobutyl Ether: This ingredient is the heart of Tony Moly’s Bubble Sheet Mask, and are commonly called perfluorocarbon. This ingredient bubbles up and supplies extra oxygen topically on the skin. The oxygen contained in the bubbles is then massaged into to skin. The idea behind this product is to replace the oxygen levels within our skin, because as we age our oxygen levels in our skin decreases. Oxygen gas is needed because it provides a useful function in producing collagen. Additionally, oxygen in our skin can help with killing bacteria, and help with anti-aging. However, scientific studies have shown that there isn’t enough oxygen in these ingredients to provide these benefits.

Well, Justin, despite all of the star ingredients in the Tony Moly Bubble Mask Sheet, I just couldn’t do it. The whole mess got started when I first pulled the mask out of the package. There was no sort of film or netting in between the folds of the mask to separate it, and while that may be fine for some of the thicker paper masks, for a thin charcoal mask that is coated in serum that begins turning into bubbles upon contact with oxygen and skin, time is imperative, and I just couldn’t unfold the darn thing!

It took me a full minute to get it onto my face and even once I get everything folded down, it was ridiculously oversized. I guess it thought I had Homer Simpson lips or something. Plus, the upper lip section kept sliding down onto my actual lip which was disgusting once the bubbles started forming. I let the bubbles form almost completely, but I eventually took it off after about 5 minutes for fear of accidentally ingesting the stuff. And to add insult to injury (or maybe the other way around) as soon as I took it off, my upper lip, under my eyes, and my eyelids (don’t even ask me how the bubbles got up there) began itching and tingling like crazy. I chucked it and washed my hands and face thoroughly!

I really hate I couldn’t like it. The fun factor is WAY up there! I mean bubbles for your face? It’s the Santa beard in the bathtub whenever you want! But in execution, I just wasn’t feeling it. However, thanks to a giveaway from @thevaintreasures I’m going to have 13 other sheet masks to try out for you guys, so stay tuned!  Also, don’t forget to go check out Justin’s blog and the last post he also contributed to! You won’t regret it!

Have an awesome weekend!

-Dymond M. <3

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Product Review: Too Cool For School Egg Cream Sheet Mask

Hello, everyone! I haven’t done a product review in a while, so I finally whipped out some sheet masks I’ve been saving for a rainy day since I won @vaintreasures  Memebox giveaway on Instagram! So I’ll have plenty of new sheet masks to play with later. I’ve been making some new friends in the AB community and I’m very excited to be collaborating on this post with Justin from the amazing AB blog,  Juskin! Justin gives an interesting take on all the products he uses by highlighting the beneficial and detrimental ingredients in each product! Since I’m more of a “face value” kind of reviewer (no pun intended) so I asked for his help in dissecting the ingredients in not only this mask, but my next mask as well (Tune in later this week for that). So without further ado, here’s Justin’s take on the ingredients in the Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask (Hydrating).


Butylene Glycol: This is a multi purpose ingredient, it helps keep the product from drying out, and enhances skin penetration to other ingredients. Butylene Glycol is a possible acne trigger if applied in its pure form. Numerous studies have been conducted on this ingredient, and have deemed it appropriate to be used in cosmetics/skincare.

PEG-32: This ingredient act as an emulsifier, and stops ingredients in the products from separating. PEG – 32 is a safe product, but is an irritant to open wounds.

Dimethicone: Is an ingredient that forms a barrier over your skin. This product has hydrating properties and is supposed to smooth out lines and wrinkles on your face. Thereby, it provides the skin with a protective layer, which helps prevent moisture loss and moisturise the skin. It is of a silicon formulation, so imagine this as almost like a hydrating primer (without the clogging of pores). When applied, this should leave the skin smooth and silky. This product is further enhanced by the addition of Cyclopentasiloxane (the fifth ingredient).

Cetearyl Alcohol: Is a fatty alcohol known for its various uses.  This ingredient conditions the hair/skin,  softening the skin with additional uses. Cetearyl Alcohol will give the product the ability to spread on the skin’s surface, while keeping the product from separating apart. This ingredient is non-irritating to the skin, but dermatologists suggest that sensitive skin individuals should avoid it.

Albumen Extract (egg white): This ingredient works by leaving a film over the skin. In doing so, it will tighten the skin to extract dead skin cells and sebum. However, this constriction can also cause irritation.


Glycerin: Is found naturally topically on our skin, and helps our skin stay soft & supple. It ‘draws’ water from beneath our skin layers to the top. This will result in this ingredient treating dry skin conditions topically. However, when too much pure glycerin is added in a product, this can actually be negative for you. Needless to say, too much of pure glycerin will continue to take water from our layers underneath our skin, until it is dehydrated.

Sodium Hyaluronate: If you ever see this ingredient in a product, it’s just a fancy way of saying hyaluronic acid (can treat burns, bed sores, wounds, and skin ulcers when applied topically). This ingredient can hold up to 1000x times of its moisture content, and sadly can only work topically to keep the skin hydrated (this only applies if sodium hyaluronate is not in a serum). This ingredient works best as a serum, so it can penetrate deep in your skin!  Always keep this in mind.

Niacinamide: A derivative of Vitamin B, and helps in the reducing  melanin production in the skin. Melanin causes age spots & hyperpigmentation, which is further enhanced from being in the sun. Niacinamide can also help with reducing fine lines, improving elasticity, prevent water loss in the skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties (good for acne minimisation).

Egg Yolk Extract:  This ingredient binds water to our skin. It is made majorly from water and fatty lipids, making it an excellent emollient (having the power to make soft or supple).

See what I mean? It’s super informative and helps me understand better what I’m putting onto and into my skin for the best results! As for me, I really enjoyed this mask. It was completely soaked in serum that felt almost entirely like egg yolk, so it was very moisturizing. The sheet fit my face almost perfectly which is a big pro in my book because I hate it when a mask slides around on my face too much. I do think the eye holes were a little small, and had they been any smaller, the serum could have gotten into my eyes which would not have been very good. I left it on for about an hour, and it was adequately dried out so I didn’t feel like I was wasting any product. The price point wasn’t my favorite. At $6, that’s too much when I could get the Tony Moly They’re Real masks for under $4 at Ulta. Maybe if I bought it in the 5-pack I could save some money and grab a couple, but unless I have a gift card, I probably won’t go out of my way to get any more. Unless you guys wanna get me a gift? 😉

You all should TOTALLY go check out Justin’s blog and subscribe! He’ll give you serious insight into Asian Beauty products in a way that’s easy to understand and if you’re afraid to make the leap into AB he’ll reassure you if the product you’re eyeing is good for you! Until next time!

-Dymond M. <3

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Glossier Giveaway 3 (Or is it 4?)

Hey everyone! Time for another Glossier giveaway! In honor of my 100th referral through his blog (THANKS GUYS) I’m giving away 2 prize packs! First is the Glossier Spa pack which will include a Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, Moisturizing Moon Mask, and terrycloth headband! The second is the Glossier Glow pack which will include Haloscope in Topaz and Quartz and a Glossier lapel pin! The rules are the same! Complete the actions for entries, and then I will randomly draw two winners and contact them by email. They have to respond within 48 hours or I will draw a new winner! If you win you must provide me with a shipping address and your first name, last initial, and city will be used to announce the winners.This giveaway will be running until July 31, so get a move on! Enter here, and share with your friends!

Good luck!

-Dymond M. <3

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