October Thoughts

October Thoughts

Welcome to October world, only 30 days left until Halloween! Yes, I’m one of those people! I love Halloween and October in general because that’s when it really starts to feel like fall. I am hesitant to call it fall though because even though it’s a breezy 68 degrees today, Georgia weather will change on you at the drop of a hat. College is going well so far, and I’m really enjoying myself and my new environment.

I’ve been really busy between working two jobs and schoolwork, so I’ve had to make an extra effort to be organized and to prioritize what’s important to me. Going into my fourth year of blogging, I’ve become frustrated with a lot of things, namely how social media practices have gotten so hyper-superficial, in a way I wouldn’t have anticipated when I started using various platforms 4 years ago.

It’s gotten to the point where there have been days I ask myself, why are you still blogging? Do you even enjoy it anymore? You barely make time for it, and the writing (I feel at least) has been lackluster. When I think about all I’ve been able to do and accomplish because of this little blog, I smile. I’ve met a lot of people and gotten a lot of opportunities, and yes there’s the money factor. What little income I generate from this site has been helpful to pad a part-time job income and to give me a little more freedom than some of my peers who don’t work in any capacity.

I came into this industry naive and fresh, and I did what I loved. I still love it, but these days it feels like there is an insurmountable learning curve preventing me from operating at my very best. Whenever I go to other blogs or Google for advice, it’s almost always about monetization or building an email list. And frankly, that’s not what I’m here for. The money is a happy accident. My definition of success is for an audience to see, appreciate, and enjoy the work that I’ve put out into the world, and maybe help other people who like me, a few years ago, just want somewhere to express their passions.

I’m working on a side project right now called SprinkleMeet (@sprinklemeet on IG & Twitter), and while the original idea was for an app, it may be turned into a blog itself. I want to be able to share what I’ve learned as a casual blogger, not one of the multimillion dollar professional ones. For the ones who do it for the passion, and the love, all while balancing the realities of the real world. We’re not jet-setting to every fashion week, nor do we have the fancy cameras, the Instagram husbands, or worlds chicest apartment. But we are here, chugging along.

October, and fall, to me, means change. And I hope one day soon I can move past this little rut and change the way I’ve been thinking about the work that I do and the impact I will leave.

Much Love,

Dymond M. <3

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April 2017 Beauty/Style News

Hey, everybody! After that no buy (which was more like a low buy but oh well), I’m excited for all of the beauty news coming up in April! I’ve picked up some notable sales, collection drops, and more all happening in the month of April!

Fashion News

Forever 21 Sale

  • I’m pleased to announce I’m now part of the Forever 21 affiliate program. I figure it’s not a bad match considering I’ve started buying more things from them (even if fast fashion isn’t the best for the environment). So, I’ll be finding out about some of their sales a few days before they begin and I can give you the scoop! Forever 21 will be having a BOGO Free on Sale Merch from March 30 until April 2nd! Now’s a great time to buy some offseason essentials like coats, hats, and gloves, or you can stock up on cute sunglasses and tee shirts for the summer!

    H&M x Coachella

  • Also, I’m super excited about this year’s H&M x Coachella collection. I’m not a fan of Coachella. I think it’s a really exclusive thing for rich people to run around appropriating too many things at one time. And last year’s collection was very reminiscent of that. Lots of boho and flowing desert motifs with lots of emphasis on Native American culture. I bought my Cat Eye sunglasses from this particular collection and that was it because I couldn’t find anything else that suited me. This year’s collection is a huge step up from last year’s, and it seems like the H&M designers really took a cue to customer responses. There’s a lot of lace, hearts, and stars mixed in with tougher fabrics like denim, and it’s pretty dang cool.

Beauty News

  • Colourpop Cosmetics is having an EPIC Free Shipping sale until 3/31 at midnight! That’s free shipping on everything, no minimum! What’s that you hear? The sound of my wallet crashing and burning 🙂

MAC @ Ulta

  • Of course, you all know I’m super duper happy that there will be MAC at Ulta This May! This brings me one step closer to never shopping at another place for beauty ever again, but darn Glossier and Milk Makeup have got me under their spell…You can begin browsing the collection online April 23, and they will be available to purchase May 7! I’ll keep an eye out for any Platinum early access!


  • There’s a new PatMcGratch Kit on the horizon and it’s called DARKSTAR 006 and is due out April 11! It’s way out of my student budget (at least at the moment) but I have no doubt it’ll sell out quickly. But shoot, I’m just trying to get my hands on the original Metalmorphisis kit.

Ulta 21 Days of Beauty

  • The Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sale is already in full swing, but some of the best deals will be coming during the last week of the sale from April 1-8th! I’m actually waiting until the very last day of the sale (April 8th) to score the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil for only $10.50! On April 1st you can score the entire Mario Badescu brand for 25% off! So there’s a lot to look forward to!

Too Faced Glitter??

  • Too Faced’s founder Jerrod Blandino announced on March 25th, that a Too Faced Glitter Palette is in the works, but won’t be dropping until about June. You all know I already am married to my Urban Decay Moondust palette, so I’m not dying to get my hands on this, and with Too Faced’s discrepancies between palettes, I kinda can’t wait to see if this will actually be any good.

So that’s the scoop for this month! I’ll add to this (or maybe make another post) if more good stuff comes up. Got any questions? Leave me a comment or you can reach me at any of my socials @thechicmachine!

Payday Here We Come!

-Dymond M. <3

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Glossier Giveaway Winners

Hey, guys! Thanks for your patience concerning the announcement of the winners! I start school on Monday and it’s been crazy hectic! Anyways, this is the most participated in giveaway I’ve done yet, so thanks to everyone who entered, and there will be another one soon! So without further ado, the winner of the Glossier Spa Pack is Gina A. from New Jersey  and the winner of the Glossier Glowing Pack is Shannay from South Carolina! Thanks again to everyone for playing, and for those who didn’t win, don’t forget you can get 20% off your first Glossier purchase using my referral link. And if you’re not sure about buying, be sure to read my reviews on all of the Glossier products! The funds from this referral link always help me run my next giveaway to be even bigger and better, with more winners! I hope you guys have an awesome Friday and congrats to the winners!

-Dymond M. <3

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NYFW: Day 1

The time has come! New York Fashion Week is upon us! The shows are more accessible than ever with the new NYFW app. There you can bookmark and live stream the shows from the comfort of your home. You also get exclusive behind the scenes footage, a map with your relative locations to the show (if you’re lucky enough to be in NYC), and an inbox to keep you up to date on all things NYFW.

NYFW is slowly doing just what Black Friday began doing a few years ago. It officially starts on Thursday, but now all of the parties and pre shows are beginning to creep into Wednesday as well,and there’s just so much to keep up with! Luckily for me, a (just turned) 17 suburban girl who lives nowhere close to NYFW, there are several outlets nowadays thanks to the graces of social media for me to enjoy and analyze the beautiful monstrosity that is New York Fashion Week. There is the aforementioned app. I also follow a lot of social accounts to keep up with it all.

My Fave Snapchats

  • teenvogue
  • songofstyle
  • elainewelteroth
  • glossier.irl
  • itsmichellelee
  • sephorasnapss

My Fave Instagrams

  • cfda
  • natalieoffduty
  • bevansburg
  • shopbird
  • voguemagazine

Notable Shows

  • BCBG Max Azria- http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2016-ready-to-wear/bcbg-max-azria
    • The bucket hat is back baby! Inspired by Southern Cali, this show really packed a punch in terms of summer to fall transitioning.  You can see a lot of color blocking,tye dyed shirts,fringe, lots of layers,graphic prints, florals, and floor skimming slip dresses. Absolutely amazing.

Photo 1 from LC Lauren Conrad

  • Creatures of the Wind-http://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2016-ready-to-wear/creatures-of-wind
    • The Creatures of the Wind collection was appropriately mesmerizing. The collection was inspired be eras past,and is heavily influenced by the 70s, but it’s also been given a modern twist through the use of grahpics like stars,fishnets,and even some leather pants. My personal favorite was a blue and white floral jumpsuit with a red shirt underneath. Fantastic!

Featured Articles




That’s all for today ladies and gents! Check back tomorrow morning for a Best of Instagram for Day 1, and tomorrow evening for Day 2 coverage!

Stay Flawless!

-The Mechanic <3

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t written a “serious post” in a while! I actually got the most cliched teen summer job ever working at a local pizza place, so I’m a lot more spent than I usually am, and factor in summer homework and house chores, and it’s just one big crazy whirlwind. However, I’ve got some cool new content coming up shortly to the site!

Firstly, I wanna thank everyone who used my referral link for the Glossier campaign! I earned a free Coconut Balm Dot Com which I would like to use and review as soon as it gets to my house! I’m super stoked to try out some Glossier and I heard that every package comes with stickers which is AWESOME! Secondly, I have been offered the chance to try out some of jewelry brand Carolee’s stuff out, so that will be upcoming. Lastly, I have been doing a lot of clothes shopping, but I haven’t had time to take pictures of everything so there may be a haul video in your near future! Don’t lose faith in me guys! I’m still here!

Love ya!

-The Mechanic <3

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Glossier's Summer Set Giveaway


Okay, so hopefully by now, most of you who were in school are out. And if not, where the heck are you going to school?? Anyway, I’m a huge fan of Emily Weiss, founder of Into the Gloss and skincare brand Glossier. I’ve wanted to try Glossier,but it has always been a bit out of my price range just to “test it out”. Now, I’ve got my chance(and so do you!).

To hype up the release of their new, summer Phase 1 set, Glossier is doing a giveaway. When you sign up, you get a unique referral code. Then, the more people you get to sign up for their email newsletter, the more free Glossier you earn!  You only need 5 referrals to earn their new Coconut Balm Dot Com. The 3 people who refer the most clients get a $250 airline voucher for an epic vacation.  Of course,  I just want to try out the makeup.  So click here (or up there), to help me out and to get yourself started!  I hope you all are having fabulous summers!

Love ya!
– The Mechanic

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Summer Reading Suggestions

I LOVE BOOKS! Anybody who knows me should know that. Every summer I gear up for my local library’s summer reading program. It’s a really fun way to learn new things, and they generally have pretty cool prizes. My favorite part of the beginning of summer is when websites put out their “Must Read” books for the summer. A few of these lists I’m posting here have repeat books, but that’s cool. If you want more information on a book, you can always look it up on Goodreads, the coolest site for bibliophiles I know of. Goodreads not only provides more detailed synopses than you would find on say,Amazon, but they also include reviews from people who have already read the book, along with recommendations based off of that book. It’s amazing! Bring these books with you to the beach, on a place, or wherever your summer adventure takes you. If you read one, let me know how it was in the comments!

NYLON Magazine

Refinery 29’s Adult Book List

Refinery 29’s YA List


BuzzFeed Books

Lastly, if you check out my Instagram (@thechicmachine) you can keep running tabs on what books I’m reading this summer!

Happy Reading!

-The Mechanic <3

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Dress Codes: Who's To Blame?

With feminist power on the rise, heads have begun to turn towards the injustices that many women, young and old, face each and every day. Most recently, dress codes have been a huge buzz phrase in the media, and not for good reasons. About two weeks ago, news came out that high school senior Mireya Briceno was ejected from her prom for her dress being “too revealing”. The dress in question was a blue and white spotted mermaid styled dress. The dress was backless, but her school’s dress code explicitly allowed backless dresses.

So why was she kicked out? The principal says that when Mireya entered the prom with her date’s jacket on, it was because she knew her dress was too revealing. Some sources say she agreed with that statement, and others say she denied it.

Not even a day later, another story of a prom dress code violation popped up. This time, student Alexus Miller-Wigfall was able to attend and enjoy her prom. However, a full 3 days later, she was hit with a suspension for her dress also being “too revealing”. Her mother, Alisha Sneed believes that because Alexus is “plus-sized” that she was targeted. Alexus’ statement aligned with her mothers. Alexus said that the assistant principal told her as much. “She said, ‘You have more boobs than the other girls. The other girls have less to show.'”

Sources go on to say that many modifications were made to the dress to better comply with the school’s dress code.

Here is the question that I pose for my readers today. Why are these girls being punished? Of course it’s my personal opinion that neither of these girls were wearing anything against the dress codes imposed upon them, but why are these dress codes so strict in the first place? A prom is supposed to the night of a girl’s dreams, and what worse a way to have those dreams dashed than by something as silly as a dress code. I’m sure many schools would like to say that they are protecting the modesty of these girls, but I don’t find that true. They cover us up because our body parts are deemed “distractions”. Who are they distraction for? The hormonal teenage boys that we attend school with,right? So why, instead of going to the root of the problem, are we punishing these girls?

These signs, and many like them, have begun to appear in the halls of our nation’s high schools. Girls want to step up and make changes in how society perceives us! Still don’t believe me? Go to Google and search “dress codes”, then click on the link that says “News”. Unfortunately, there are way more examples of dress code “violations” in today’s news than the examples I’ve left above. Go see for yourself. Again, these are my personal sentiments, and if you have a different opinion, I’d love to hear about it! So what should we do about these dress codes? Blatanly ignore them? Go to the media like the girls above did? What can we do to make a change? With summer coming up and school’s letting out, it’s time to make a game plan ladies!

Girl Power!

-The Mechanic <3







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Everything You Could Possibly Need to Know About This Year's Met Gala

Now that the red carpet has been rolled up and the paparazzi have gone to bother other celebrities, many major publications have finally released compilations of videos,photos,and small interviews from the 2015 Met Gala. This year’s theme was China:Through the Looking Glass.  After some thourough searching, I think I’ve found the most comprehensive lists of Met Gala coverage possible, and now I’m sharing them with you!

Vogue’s Coverage

Racked.com’s Coverage

Harper’s Bazaar

Hollywood Life

The Daily Mail


I hope you enjoy!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
-The Mechanic <3

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Monday Clickage

So true

It’s Monday. 🙁 . Unfortunately, I’ve still got 3 full weeks of school to go, and half of them are full of FINALS (Dun dun DUNNNNNN). So I’m taking this week to sort of refresh my mind and rest my body because even though I had lots of fun in Orlando, I’m almost more tired now than when I first started! I’m still working on a compilation post with all the pictures I took (and I took a LOT of pictures),and I’m also working on my monthly favorites post, so until then, have some fun going through these wicked awesome articles I found!

30 Songs to Get You Through Finals Week (Her Campus)

Hair Rules to Break (NYLON)

I’m Breaking Up With The Ethnic Hair Care Aisle (Racked)

10 Stunning Chinese-Inspired Fine Jewelry Pieces for Monday’s Met Gala (Vogue) The Met Gala is tonight, and it seems that selfie sticks and social media posts from the Met tonight have been PROHIBITED! 🙁 So check out these jewelry pieces and I hope it sates your Met Gala hunger.

This 5-Year-Old’s Dress Was Deemed Too Inappropriate For Kindergarten(Seventeen) I must say that this. Is. Ridiculous. I’ve never liked the dress code restrictions before and I surely don’t like them now. There will more than likely be a rant coming on this blog in the near future…

May the 4th Be With You. 🙂

-The Mechanic <3

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