Product Review: Glossier Wowder For Dark Skin

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the delay in posts, but if you’ve been following me on literally any of my socials (@thechicmachine) then you’d know I finally moved into COLLEGE! Yes, siree I’m officially a Georgia State Panther and I’ve been exploring campus and all it has to offer. The transition has been great, I’ve met a lot of cool people, and my classes aren’t terrible which is always a plus. One of the things about living on campus in a metro area like Atlanta is that there is a lot of walking involved. Great for my calves, not so great for my makeup. I have combo oily skin with most of the oiliness occurring in my T-Zone, and this is extra sucky with the Georgia humidity. Thankfully, Glossier has released another product designed for those not 100% on board with their “ultra dewy” messaging! Wowder is a translucent powder in three shades designed to mattify and decrease shine on days when dewy is not on the memo.

Product Review: Glossier Wowder For Dark Skin

I received Wowder in the shade Dark/Deep which is my corresponding shade in Perfecting Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer. I’ve never used another translucent powder, but I have used the Covergirl Clean Matte Pressed Powder so that’s what I compared this to. For a good frame of reference, the first several times I used Wowder, I did not use my Urban Decay setting spray to see how well it worked on its own. The first time I wore Wowder, I put it on my whole face. Now my cheeks and chin are not oily and can verge on dry from time to time, so this did not sit well. It clung to my dry patches a bit so I didn’t like that at all!

On the other hand, on my t-zone it worked very well. It didn’t sit on the top of my skin as a pigment like the Covergirl pressed powder, but almost melted into a cream like consistency after application. It didn’t make my skin look overly pale, and made it look matte but not dried out. The wear time on my forehead was about 8 hours, but on my nose, it wa only about 4. What can I say? I’m hella oily!

Product Review: Glossier Wowder For Dark Skin

The Wowder brush was a totally different story! It’s smaller than my Real Techniques powder brush and more angled so I could get spots like under my eyes and on the sides of my nose. As for the trampoline mesh, I think it’s helpful to an extent, but it’s actually harder to get out the amount I need sometimes.

For $35, it’s a great value. You get a brush that you can use with other products and a .25 oz powder that works well with oily skin and has a natural finish when used correctly. If you think you’ve gotten the wrong shade you can always exchange it for free, and the duo ships free! Wowder by itself is $22 USD and the brush alone is $20.

Remember you can get 20% off of your purchase with my referral link which puts the duo at $28! Leave me a comment below about your oily or dry skin nightmares! Have an awesome week!

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3 Tips for Incoming Freshman Procrastinators

As an incoming freshman and the oldest of four, I had a lot of worries this summer about what I should do to be completely ready for my first semester of college. Considering the only thing I did early was early action, I had a lot of loose ends to tie up. Here are three things I learned while preparing to start school for everyone starting a little (or a lot) late!

Pro Tips for Procrastinating Incoming College Freshmen (freshman)

Submit all of your paperwork!

Deadlines are closing in, and it feels like everyone else has already submitted their stuff, but don’t fret! Make a list of everything that needs to be sent to school (immunization records, final high school transcript, etc.) and check it off when it’s done. Also, be sure to talk to your advisor once one has been assigned so they can fill you in on what else you may need.

Reach out to your roomies!

Roommates are an integral part of the freshman experience, and they may have already begun buying items for your room, so be sure to reach out to see where you can pitch in and maybe even coordinate colors!

Pack, Pack, Pack!

This one sounds self-explanatory, but you don’t want to be a week out from move in day and staring down a very cluttered room of stuff that you don’t know what should leave and what should stay! Donate old clothes, trash high school notes you know you won’t need anymore, and pass the stuffed animals down to your kid sister. Tackle the mess little by little, and that way it’ll be much easier in the end.

Going to college can be a really exciting yet overwhelming time in your life. Following these tips can make sure that, even though you started a little late, you finish right on time! Leave your best tips for freshman down in the comments, and have an awesome week!

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Shop My Looks!


Since I started school last week, I wanted to plan out a few of my outfits in advance because last year I felt as though I was getting into a bit of a style rut. I went into my old Polyvore, but I was kinda annoyed with what I saw ( you know what it’s like logging back into any social media more than a year old) so I decided to make a new one and keep all of my planned outfits in there. I tried to keep it limited to items I already had in my closet, but hey, if it goes with an outfit, it goes! So here are two of the outfits I planned and then wore this week!

First Day of School

Animal print t shirt

$13 –

Forever 21 synthetic leather jacket

Lucky Brand boot-cut jeans

Rag & bone high waisted flare jeans

Boot-cut jeans

Steve Madden suede ankle boots

Étoile Isabel Marant velvet booties

Pave jewelry

Red Camel white pearl necklace

Maybelline palette eyeshadow


Minnie Mouse Outfit


Minnie Mouse Outfit by thevinylprincess featuring bobbi brown cosmetics

Miss Selfridge cotton t shirt

Acne Studios jean jacket

Bomber jacket

$78 –

Bomber jacket

$78 –

Alice Olivia denim jacket

Blue jeans

$110 –

Brunello Cucinelli midi skirt

Converse shoes

Mac cosmetic

Bobbi brown cosmetic

Lip makeup

Beauty product

$5.82 –

Hope you all enjoyed! Gotta keep you fashion fiends on your toes!

Happy Monday!

-Dymond M. <3


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Monthly Favorites: June/July 2015

I decided to put both of the summer months together for my monthly favorites so you guys would have a longer list of items to enjoy! I had a lot of fun this summer and now that it’s over, I hope I can look back on it fondly when I look at all the Instagram photos I took this summer. So, let’s get started!

1. Glossier’s Coconut Balm Dotcom


My first experience with Glossier was amazing! The promotion was nice, the packaging was beautiful, and the product is fantastic! I wrote a review for the balm that you can read here.

2. L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Rock Mascara

The original Miss Manga mascara is absolutely fabulous and one of my favorite beauty products out there! So when I heard it was getting a punky little sister, I was ecstatic! The brush shape clumps certain areas with precision to give you that “I fell asleep with my makeup on and I just woke up look”. It’s awesome. You can read the full review here.

3. The Scorch Trials by James Dasher

So when I went to see Ant Man last week, I saw a trailer for the upcoming movie, The Scorch Trials, which is the sequel to the widely popular Maze Runner! I read the Maze Runner a few months ago and I really liked it, but never got around to reading the next book! This pretty much kicked my butt into gear and it was AMAZING. I already put The Death Cure (book 3) on hold at my public library. Go books!

4. Jurassic World

Raptor Dad. Nuff said.

5. Inside Out

My favorite movie of the summer has totally got to be Inside Out. It’s was funny, it was thought provoking, it made my CRY…a lot. My favorite character is Bing Bong, who wasn’t even in the promotional stuff and completely stole the show! He will live forever in my heart!

6. The Boys of Zummer Tour

I got to see Fall Out Boy with my girl Sydney this summer! It was sooooo much fun! I love going to live shows because the musical sound is so much different, and it’s fun being around a bunch of people who are there for the same reasons you are! Wiz Khalifa’s set wasn’t too bad, but it did smell like pot for a good,long while. He also threw inflatable joints out into the audience, so take that with what you will. Fall Out Boy’s set was fantastic. A lot of the songs sounded slightly off because they preformed them in a lower octave than they did recording,but it was fun nonetheless. They had inflatable eyeballs that bounced into the audience which was fun to watch. They even came up to the front of the lawn for an acoustic set for people who couldn’t get the best seats (like us)! I think that was pretty cool. I will remember that night pretty far in the future, I hope.

Summer feels like it ended so quickly, and it’s always like that, but at the same time, I’m sorta happy to be going back. I can see my friends, and have something to distract me from all the boredom I face staying at home all day.

See ya soon!

-The Mechanic <3

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Product Review: Maybelline's The Blushed Nudes

I have to go back to school in just 5 days! And I have done very little back to school shopping whatsoever because my open is house is literally 2 days before school starts and that’s when we get our school supply lists.

Luckily for me, my beauty fairy godmother has been watching over me diligently, and put a little extra money in my pocket so that I may secure (FINALLY) the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette. Obviously the original Maybelline Nudes palette was meant to be a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palettes which have gained a bit of a cult following! However, $54 is not an amount I’m willing to pay for eyeshadow, so I got this instead. For $10, you get 12 stunning colors, some shimmery,some matte. The palette works as quartets, trios, and duos all in one grand package.

numbered blush pallete

numbered blush swatches

My favorite color so far is #12, which is like a black powder with pink shimmer pressed into it! The colors are really great for blending, and give a softer look than the “nudes” of the 1st palette. I got the Blushed Nudes because I’m generally skeptical of products advertised as “nude” since they’re generally marketed towards people with a fairer skin tone than I. The Blushed palette have more pinky tones that will actually show up on my skin, and I appreciated that.

Maybelline always has been an amazing drugstore brand that I will come back to again and again, and I highly recommend this palette for all skin tones!


When I finally decide to get some back to school shopping done, I’ll be sure to update you all!

Love ya!

-The Mechanic <3

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Dress Codes: Who's To Blame?

With feminist power on the rise, heads have begun to turn towards the injustices that many women, young and old, face each and every day. Most recently, dress codes have been a huge buzz phrase in the media, and not for good reasons. About two weeks ago, news came out that high school senior Mireya Briceno was ejected from her prom for her dress being “too revealing”. The dress in question was a blue and white spotted mermaid styled dress. The dress was backless, but her school’s dress code explicitly allowed backless dresses.

So why was she kicked out? The principal says that when Mireya entered the prom with her date’s jacket on, it was because she knew her dress was too revealing. Some sources say she agreed with that statement, and others say she denied it.

Not even a day later, another story of a prom dress code violation popped up. This time, student Alexus Miller-Wigfall was able to attend and enjoy her prom. However, a full 3 days later, she was hit with a suspension for her dress also being “too revealing”. Her mother, Alisha Sneed believes that because Alexus is “plus-sized” that she was targeted. Alexus’ statement aligned with her mothers. Alexus said that the assistant principal told her as much. “She said, ‘You have more boobs than the other girls. The other girls have less to show.'”

Sources go on to say that many modifications were made to the dress to better comply with the school’s dress code.

Here is the question that I pose for my readers today. Why are these girls being punished? Of course it’s my personal opinion that neither of these girls were wearing anything against the dress codes imposed upon them, but why are these dress codes so strict in the first place? A prom is supposed to the night of a girl’s dreams, and what worse a way to have those dreams dashed than by something as silly as a dress code. I’m sure many schools would like to say that they are protecting the modesty of these girls, but I don’t find that true. They cover us up because our body parts are deemed “distractions”. Who are they distraction for? The hormonal teenage boys that we attend school with,right? So why, instead of going to the root of the problem, are we punishing these girls?

These signs, and many like them, have begun to appear in the halls of our nation’s high schools. Girls want to step up and make changes in how society perceives us! Still don’t believe me? Go to Google and search “dress codes”, then click on the link that says “News”. Unfortunately, there are way more examples of dress code “violations” in today’s news than the examples I’ve left above. Go see for yourself. Again, these are my personal sentiments, and if you have a different opinion, I’d love to hear about it! So what should we do about these dress codes? Blatanly ignore them? Go to the media like the girls above did? What can we do to make a change? With summer coming up and school’s letting out, it’s time to make a game plan ladies!

Girl Power!

-The Mechanic <3


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What to Wear When Balancing School and a Social Life

Soooo I made it out of my 1st week of school! #BlessingsRecieved!! I am wiped out and I would love to rest but a fashionista’s work is never done. My busy schedule includes math and science homework, a car wash for my youth group, my sorta-summer job, and then the social event to end all events: a concert!

Most likely right after the first week of school, a couple parties will be going on, but juggling that part-time job, other friends, and the homework you most likely were loaded down with (or if you’re in college a sucky list of books to buy and papers soon to be due) makes you cringe. Balancing a social life while attending school is HARD. I would know. Gifted everything and an AP art class. Despite everything going on, you can’t stress! It does bad things to your hormones. Instead, look at each event as your personal runway, to work hard and play hard with confidence! Here are a few outfits I’ve styled for each occasion, with a little background info on each!

A Relaxed Social

Weekend Social Study Sesh

Studying and homework do not a have to be a stress-fest! Make it a study sesh instead! Invite all of your favorite girl (and guy) friends over to your house, order a few pizzas and crack open the books. You know what they say; Two heads are better than one! Having your friends over not only is more fun, but they can help you with concepts you’re just not getting.

A Water Social

Weekend Social: Water Sports

I’m going to be working a car wash this weekend, and I’m most definitely going to get wet! It’s like one big pool party with all of my friends (which I have no doubt someone around your place is planning)! I don’t enjoy baring too much skin, so I’ll wear cute one pieces with shorts over it! Not too shabby. And you don’t have to wear dull, solid colored flip flops either. I love the Coca Cola ones in the photo (if you didn’t know I like Coke, you haven’t been reading this blog long enough) and the blue polka dotted ones as well. Just choose ones that coordinate with the suit’s color. Grab a cute and/or quirky tote to pack your things in and you’re good to go!

Weekends are to be savored during the school year. You’ve got to make the best out of what you have. Just don’t stress out and you’ll be fine! For all my music lovers out there, this Monday, be prepared for the run down of Panic at the Disco’s The Gospel Tour! My dad so graciously surprised me with pit seats so I’ll attempt to have all the action on camera. I’m talking wardrobes, special effects, the pros and cons of buying band merchandise, appropriate concert wear by genre and much more! So tune in next week on The Chic Machine!

The Mechanic <3

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