Product Review: Makeup Forever Artist Color Eyeshadow

I haven’t purchased any new makeup for myself in the past month and a half, save for my Too Faced Eyeshadow palette, so I’ve been having a good time just getting use out of what I already own. I received the new Makeup Forever Artist Color Eyeshadows through Influenster for free at the beginning of December, but I was out of town and as such didn’t get them until after the new year, and I haven’t had time to review them until now! This one is going to be short, but a doozy, so buckle in and enjoy the ride!

Product Review: Makeup Forever Artist Color Eyeshadow

If you follow me over on Instagram, then you saw my initial thoughts on the shadows whenΒ  I posted swatches of the three shades I received. The mattes didn’t swatch well, as I could see every crease in my arm, especially in the light cream shade M500. The shimmer swatched better, but I still wasn’t a fan of how the formula actually felt. In the pan and on my skin they felt very dry and powdery. However, my swatches were without primer, so I gave that a go next.Product Review: Makeup Forever Artist Color Eyeshadow

This was definitely one of the worse eyeshadow formulations I’ve ever tried. I have deep skin and the two matte shades M853 ( a hot pink shade) and M500 ( a cream shade) were powdery, barely pigmented even after building up the product, and didn’t blend well at all. The shimmer shade ME108 (a black shadow with silver shimmer) was more pigmented (but not super pigmented) but blended out far better than the other two shades. I tried using the shadows wet as well which didn’t help at all, and I’m genuinely surprised I was able to make the final result look halfway decent.I liked the little magnetic case, but I’d rather depot better shadows to use in it than to use the MUFE shadows provided.

Long story short, I’ll probably keep the shimmer eyeshadow and chuck the other two since I’ve rubbed my fingers all over them. Also, for those of you that wanted to know the rest of the products I used for this look, they include:

  • Glossier Stretch Concealer in Deep all over face
  • Glossier Cloud Paint in Haze
  • Glossier Boy Brow in Black
  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara w/ Tweezerman curler
  • Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Bacca
  • Stila Lip Liner in Merlot

I hope you all enjoyed this little review of arguably the worst shadows I currently own. My Glossier Solution review will be coming soon; I found out today it’d been shipped to the wrong address so I’m still waiting on it! Also, for those that missed the memo, the Glossier team listened to rep feedback (ie vocal peeps like myself) and lowered the price of their Invisible Shield SPF from $35 to $25 for good! Plus, you can score 20% off your first Glossier purchase (or just your 1st purchase with a new account wink wink) using my rep link!

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