My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Review For Deep Skin

Welcome back ladies and gents! A while ago I did some polling on IG stories that said you guys would like a post on my Christmas/New Year’s shopping haul and also that you’d like more video content. Well, I was able to make one of those two things happen today. Like I told you guys on Tuesday, all of my footage and edits were deleted, which bummed me out big time. I don’t do much video content specifically because of the amount of time it takes to shoot, edit, and then complete all the workings of a blog post to go with it. It’s mentally exhausting.

When it was deleted, I’ll be honest. I was near tears. It’d taken a lot to get out of bed that morning and to do what I promised you guys I would do and I felt defeated. When I finally decided to redo it, I just said yknowΒ what??? Pictures will suffice. I feel I do better descriptors when writing anyhow. That said, I’ll be doing my best to try for some more video content in the future, and I hope yall aren’t too disappointed in me. Sob story aside, let’s get started!

You can shop my haul at the bottom of this post with affiliate links whose proceeds go toward the upkeep of this blog. Thanks! <3

My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul

LUSH Boxing Day Haul

Most of what I got on Christmas day were items I had picked out on my list, including a Baby Driver DVD, the Productivity Project book, a Panic! at the Disco vinyl, and a few other bits and bobs. Other than that, it was mostly gift cards which I’ll never knock! My first haul was at 5:30 am PST for the Lush annual BOGO Boxing Day sale. The site sucked as per usual, but I got out of there faster than last year, clocking in at a cool hour and ten minutes. After having picked up Scrubee this past fall, I knew I wanted to smell like honey every day of my young life, so I grabbed the shower gel, It’s Raining Men, and the soap, Honey, I Washed the Kids. Bzz Bzz! πŸ™‚

I also picked up fan favorites Twilight shower gel, and Sleepy body lotion. They both are lavender infused and knock me right out. I also grabbed a Shooting Star soap as a gift for my friend, Danielle, and it was a citrus lover’s dream. A little sad I didn’t get myself one! Lastly, while I was in Vegas, I went to a physical Lush store and they still had plenty of BOGO sets, so I grabbed Pink Christmas (not pictured because I used it already XD) and Golden Wonder.

My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul

Pick a Shirt, Any Shirt

The day after Christmas, I blew most of my money in Hot Topic (for which I did not have a gift card), and in Forever21 (for which I had a massive gift card). I tried to find pants, but I’m so devoted to my Levi’s these days that I’m really picky about how stuff fits me, so I just bought a ton of shirts! My brother gifted me the Pickle Rick tee (yes, I like Rick and Morty please don’t hurt me), and the rest I grabbed myself. My top three are probably the Clueless crop top that I already know I’ll be wearing all summer long, the Powerpuff Girls oversized sweatshirt, and the Stranger Things Steve tee that says “Pretty Damn Good Babysitter”. Honorable mention goes to the In-N-Out tee I picked up the day before we left.

My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul

I also picked up a couple dress shirts, including a black and white polka dot button down with the cutest necktie ever, and a plain white button-up shirt. Not sure how I went this long in my life without something as basic as that but here I am.

My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul

Pumped Up Kicks

I do not fit the stereotype of a shopping woman at least in regards to shoes. I wear my shoes til the soles fall off or the tongue rips or the heel breaks. I hate shoe shopping, and I figure once I find a type of shoe that works for me, I’ll just buy a few of those in a couple colors until they’re all worn out. Soooo, it says a lot to me that I got three pairs of shoes this Christmas. My parents probably thought I looked homeless lol.

I got a pair of New Balance active shoes because I wore my old ones into the ground working at a pizza place. They’re covered in flour and sauce and stuff. Just nasty haha. The white high top Converse sneakers were on my list, and they’re already dirty but idc. It gives them Character. Lastly, my grandma found me a nice pair of black Vans at Goodwill that someone had defaced with Louis Vuttion stickers, so I’m currently trying to figure out how to get the glue off so they’re wearable.

Out of This World Accessories

I picked up a bunch of accessories from Hot Topic including some new pins for my denim jacket and some witchy accessories for me to integrate into my daily wear. It makes me feel more connected to whatever spirits are flying around out there.

My Long-Awaited Holiday Shopping Haul

Last But Not Least: Beauty

My Lush haul was so big that it had to have its own section, but I really didn’t spend much on beauty this time around. I picked up this Philosophy hand cream set after I got my aunt an identical one for Christmas and liked hers so much that I went back to the mall the next day for my own. Apricots and Cream is hands down the best scent (no pun intended). Lastly, I used a Sephora gift card from my other grandmother to pick up the Too Faced Chocolate Gold palette. This is the holy grail of my entire haul. At $49, it’s tied for the most expensive palette I own along with the Urban Decay Moondust palette. I have already used it to make a multitude of looks and it will be getting it’s own separate review in the near future!

Jeez louise, this was a long post! Now I remember why I wanted to record it! <3 Thank you all for being patient with me during the wait for this post! We’ve had multiple snow days down here in Atlanta, so I’ve had more free time to brainstorm ideas for posts for you guys, but of course, I will always take your suggestions like I did with this post! Leave a comment with your best gift and I’ll see ya next week!


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