January Thoughts: Inside the Blogging Struggle

January Thoughts: Inside the Blogging Struggle

Good morning ladies and gents. The new year’s festivities are over, classes are back in full swing, and life is moving forward as usual. Blogging during the new year/January season is difficult. When I was younger, and I started my blog on new year’s, I was a bit naive. A new year is supposed to bring new growth and opportunities! Right? Not necessarily. 4 years later, and I still have a passion for blogging and putting out useful information in the world for my melanin gifted brothers and sisters. However, everyone just seems so…peppy?

I understand that in blogging, especially in the lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blogging community, we’re supposed to portray the ideal life and look. Part of that seems to include being happy and determined and motivated all. Of. The. Time. And I’m just not. Some days it’s a drag to get up and read and comment on blogs just for the sake of engagement that never seems to be reciprocated. Spending an hour taking photos because stock images just don’t cut it. It’s difficult. During the new year, it gets 10 times more difficult because everyone is starting their resolutions and sharing their vision boards, and keywords for 2018.

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It gets even more difficult when you dive into the world of women who blog about blogging. It all seems like a big brag-fest. How I Made $5k My FIRST Month Blogging. How My Pinterest Grew 500% In One Month. Stuff like that. And I get the idea is supposed to be to help new bloggers get off the ground and existing blogging go to the next level, but it always felt sketchy to me that the particular bloggers are making money off of making it all look easy. It’s hard to look up to these women who are constant spouts of happiness when I am not. Of course like most blogging, it’s not always like that, but even when they say they’re having a bad day, it still feels…commercialized.

And a lot of people who buy that ebook or seminar course won’t end up being dedicated to their blogs. They’ll drop it when the next best thing comes along in February, and those bloggers are essentially profiting off of people’s failed goals. For people like me, who have done their best without a huge amount of money, for years, it can be frustrating.

Wrapping Up

I’ve tried to be loyal to my readers. I don’t shill out products I don’t recommend myself. I try to put out high-quality posts and photos. I try to give yall something to interact with, and maybe I’m missing that mark. But blogging as an optimistic profession is ironically saddening for some people. Makes me want to isolate myself and just put out content without worrying about anyone else. At the same time, that’s the fastest and easiest way to kill a blog because there’s no longer that community to share it with. It’s intensely confusing.

January Thoughts: Inside the Blogger Struggle


All that said, I have a lot more free time this semester to really work on fine-tuning my blog and doing what I can do best.  If it works out for me, I suppose it’ll be a happy accident. I’ll be spending this January less on jumping straight into resolutions, and more on self-reflection so I can truly make a difference in myself and my works that I’d be proud to see. And if you all want to see something different here, you guys have to tell me! I do this all for you guys! And for those of you all who have been reading for a while, thank you so much for joining me all this time. I really do appreciate it.

That was quite a bit of a ramble, so if you made it to the end, leave a comment with your thoughts! My Christmas shopping haul will be coming at you on Tuesday so be sure to check back and follow me on my socials so you’re up to date on all of my shenanigans!

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  1. “even when they say they’re having a bad day, it still feels…commercialized.” yes! i unfollowed most major bloggers a couple of years ago because i realized that i wasn’t getting anything out of it. i started blogging to force myself to write, to share some of the highlights from my life, and to make friends and learn from people who also blog. i’m always curious about other people and the choices they make, but i realized that a lot of the bloggers i followed had feeds and websites that felt more like a j. crew catalog than real life, and EVERYTHING was sponsored. if i just wanted to be sold things, i could just go on shopping websites instead of reading blogs and instagram feeds that are nothing more than thinly-disguised ads…

    these days i mostly read cooking blogs and follow a few bloggers who keep it real (like you!). i love it when you write about your life and how you find cool makeup for POC. ❤️

  2. I so agree with what you said in this post! A couple of years ago (when I still didn’t have a blog), I was following this cool travel blog but after a while they were just posting sponsored content and posts that were supposed to be informative were just a small list of products they were trying to sell to make some money. I understand that for some people blogging might be their job and main income, but I can’t keep reading their blog if it doesn’t feel authentic. Personally, I don’t follow any blog about blogging, as they make it seems that everything is so easy and that if you’re not getting a million views every day it is just your fault because you are not actually focusing and working toward expanding your blog. But I do enjoy reading some income reports or articles about how to improve your blog from small lifestyle bloggers, as they are actually taking the time to explaing what they did and they are willing to help you instead of just selling their next e-course.

    1. Exactly! It makes me feel like I’m not doing enough for my blog when in reality I spend 5-10 hours a week working on posts, photos,socials writing etc all while juggling schoolwork and a semi decent social life. I am adequate is what i have to keep reminding myself

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