Beauty & Skincare Wishlist January 2017

Beauty & Skincare Wishlist January 2017

Welcome back ladies and gents! I hope you had a lovely weekend! I got to enjoy a three day weekend as my school canceled classes due to bad weather. In Georgia terms, that means it got cold and rained at the same time and it blew our minds! This new year’s wishlist was requested on Instagram (via the poll feature), so I put it together for you guys! My wishlist isn’t super long because I feel I’ve essentially maxed out my skincare and makeup game (for now) and I’m moving heavily towards body care products but hey, a girl can still dream! In no particular order, my wishlist includes:

1) Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

The reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on this item is that I’ve just finished my Priming MoisturizerΒ Rich and I have a whole jar of Moon Mask to go through, and I don’t need a new sleep mask just yet, but the time is very near. It smells just like Jolly Rancher watermelon candies, and the jelly consistency feels very nice on the skin! Bonus points for being super Instagrammable.

2) Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows

This whole line looks incredibly appealing, as I am a huge fan of glitter shadows, but I’ve had issues in the past with removing liquid eyeshadows, but with these lovely colors, I’m more than willing to give them a try!

3) Glossier Solution

Granted, this item isn’t out yet, but I want to give it a go! This product will be Glossier’s answer to chemical exfoliators. I’ve previously tried and enjoyed the Pixi Glow Tonic which uses glycolic acid, but struck out with products that used salicylic acids (which I seem to be allergic to) so fingers crossed!

4) Literally All Essie Gel Couture Shades

This line of polishes has been one of my favorites in the last year and I really hope to expand my color selection. I’m a big fan of their recent Winter collection and also their Ballet collection. Both offer gorgeous shades in a formula that actually take a while to chip, unlike other polishes I’ve tried, including the original Essie formula.

5) Pantone x Butter London Ultra Violet Polish

All the above being said, I really want to get my hands on the Ultra Violet shadedΒ polishes from the Pantone x Butter London collaboration. This is easily the best Color of the Year in recent years (purple power!) and I can’t wait to see it all over my socials just like the millennial pink wave from a few years back.

6) Philosophy Apricots and Cream Line

So for Christmas, I bought my aunt this set of Philosophy hand creams which I liked so much, I went back the day after Christmas and bought my own (You may have seen them in my Travel Bag Post)! My favorite scent is easily Apricots and Cream so now I am determined to make my whole body smell like that. I have to choose my body products carefully, especially in my dry winter months because I have eczema and I don’t want to irritate it too much, but honestly, I’d do it for this shower set. I really would.

7) Too Faced x Jackie Aina Expanded Born This Way Foundation

If you follow me over on Instagram, you’ll see that my Maybelline Fit Me Foundation (which was a great color match) burst all over my other beauty products midflight, and now I have no foundation. This isn’t a huge problem because I only wear it on special occasions or going out nights, but I’d rather have a foundation with a pump thatΒ doesn’t do that. So I am eagerly awaiting beauty guru and queen, Jackie Aina’s collaboration with Too Faced to expand their line of Born This Way Foundations. I probably could find an okay match with the current line, but I want to wait and see if there’s a) a better match and b) cuter packaging.



See, I told you it wasn’t too long! Thanks again to everyone who voted for this post on IG! Have you tried any of the above products? How’d you feel about them? Leave a comment below, and I’ll see you Thursday!

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