What’s In My Travel Bag

What's In My Travel Bag

Hello loves! This post is coming a bit late in the day because I’m traveling from San Diego to Las Vegas for the New Year! We’ve done a lot of traveling in the past week from Atlanta to LA to San Diego and now to Vegas! I try to pack light when we move around so much, but my purse stays on me at all times! Here’s a little rundown of what I keep in my travel bag when I’m out and about!


Moisture is the name of the game when I flyย  (and also when my family blasts the air in the car) so I always keep a hand lotion and lip balm (or 3) with me. For this trip, I brought my Glossier Rose Balm Dot Com and my new Philosophy hand cream that I got for Christmas. Both smell divine and keep my skin supple and smooth throughout the trip.

Car rides also make me a bit sick, so I like to keep a travel mist with me to smell something BESIDES my gross little brothers. :p I’m almost out of my Daisy by Marc Jacobs rollerball, and I’m trying to decide if I wanna cough up the $90ish for a full size since I know I love it! Decisions, decisions.

What's In My Travel Bag

I also keep my handy dandy mirror for in-car touch ups before we arrive so I don’t look like a potato when we arrive. However, I don’t generally wear much makeup while traveling because it makes me feel greasy and tired after a while.

To combat the sluggish feeling of sitting for hours on end, I bring a mini bottle of water to keep me looking fresh and again, to combat the car sickness.

What's In My Travel Bag

Last but not least, I have my Levi’s wallet that I stumbled upon in a Goodwill one day and my Guess prescription sunglasses. Both of these items make me feel luxe and like I have money (even if i don’t lol).

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What's In My Travel Bag

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini post! Next week’s posts are going to be all about my trip and the fashion that came with it! Have a great NYE and I’ll see you in 2018!

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