6 Best Apps For Blogging Organization

When I first started blogging 4 years ago, I wasn’t very professional about it. I knew I should post consistently, so I picked a once a week schedule. Thing is, I’d only write when I had an idea so I could post on any one day of the week. It left what little audience I had confused, which is why many of them probably decided not to stay. Other problems I’ve faced throughout the years include “lack of ideas”, bad photos and graphics quality, and an inability to get my content in front of a wider audience. Does that sound like something you’re struggling with? Lucky for you after stumbling through all of these mistakes myself, I’ve found some of the best apps and Chrome extensions created to help bloggers organize their hectic editorial schedules!


6 Best Apps For Blogger Organization

One of my favorite apps that I was introduced to this year is called Trello. Trellow allows me to take one big task, like making a blog post, and separating it into smaller tasks like drafting, taking photos, and scheduling social posts. I can also keep track of each task under “Boards” like daily, weekly, and monthly tasks!Β You can also attach important files (like say a specific Pinterest graphic) to each card so you can find it quickly! It’s really helped me visualize what I have to get done on any particular day, and I believe it’s helped me become a more efficient blogger as a result. It also has an accompanying website you can work on.


Of course, as a blogger, you should have your hosting app downloaded! My blog runs WordPress through Bluehost, and the WordPress app keeps me connected to my blog at all times! This way I can promptly reply to comments on a post, share new posts directly, and even draft mini posts if an idea strikes that’s more than a line for two. That’s what this next app is for…

6 Best Apps for Blogging Organization
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6 Best Apps For Blogger Organization

Evernote has become my go-to notes app because of its epic organization properties! I have larger sections called Notebooks where my individual notes get separated. You also have the ability to tag individual notes for further organization. My favorite feature though is that you can take photos of your handwritten notes and have them put into the app as well! Evernote also features a Chrome extension where you can clip whole articles to read later in your account! You can use Evernote in the app or on its website.

The Pinterest Chrome Extension & Tailwind

6 Best Apps For Blogging Organization

I know you’ve probably heard this a million times, but Pinterest is a very easy way to get your posts in front of the eyes of thousands of people! However, with Pinterest’s new algorithm, plus the integration of ads, the content Pinterest offers to me can be overwhelmingly similar, and not in a good way. The Pinterest Chrome Extension allows you to pin images from any website that you please, which makes my boards a little bit more fresh!

Tailwind is a website that isΒ essentially all group boards where members upload their own pins and repin the pins of others in that “Tribe”. This allows you to help out fellow bloggers by putting their images out on your boards while also having lots of people share yours! It also allows you to schedule pins to be published during the most optimal times of day to make sure your audience sees your pins! They have great analytics and they just added Instagram scheduling for iOS! Tailwind is free to use, but they do offer a Plus plan with many more scheduling options, and you can try a month of their Plus plan for free!


6 Best Apps For Blogging Organization

Canva is one of the coolest design sites I’ve come across for newbie graphic designers. The site allows you to pick a size (like an Instagram post, Facebook header, etc.) then add design elements, text, and even upload your own photos. This is how I craft all of my Pinterest graphics, how I designed my new logo and sign off, and made the header for my Facebook group! I’m currently testing their Canva for Work plan, and I’m in love! It gives me access to thousands of stock images that have taken my Pinterest graphics to the next level and I highly recommend either the free or paid versions depending on how much work they need to do.

These are some of my most loved apps that I use daily to ensure I’m putting out te best quality posts that I can for you guys each week! What are some of your favorite organization apps? Leave a comment down below, make sure you enter my 4th-anniversary giveaway, and I’ll see y’all on Thursday!


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  1. I just recently started using Tailwind and I love it! It is so useful and I think I’ll subscribe after my trial is over. Also, I’ve heard about Trello before but I’ve never actually tried it. Since I am now struggling a bit with blogging consistently, I will give it a try!

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