Things I Learned My First College Semester

Things I Learned My First College Semester

Welcome back, yall! I’m officially home for the holidays, and I must say it’s a relief to not have any major responsibilities for the next couple of weeks. I’ve wrapped up my first internship, my finals grades are coming in, and yet life just keeps chugging along. Today’s post is a just a lightheaded breakdown of a few things I learned during my first semester of college!

You Don’t Have To Be Friends With Everyone

I think a lot of college guides try to tell you to “Get Out and Make Friends” at every opportunity. And thereΒ are plenty of clubs and events on campus to where you can make that happen. However, I’m here to argue that you don’t really need to go out and make a huge posse of friends your first year, mainly because it’ll fall apart naturally and you’ll be left with a few that you really want to hang out with. Me? I barely left my room because I liked the solitude. I had my friends for sure, and there were lots of fun nights at the Krispy Kreme and eating pasta on top of a parking deck, but they were few and far between. Just do what makes you comfortable on a social level, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for doing so.

Bring What Make You Happy

As I discussed in my other blog post this week concerning luxurious dorm decor, it’s your space, so you can decorate it however it makes you happy!Β  I overpacked a few things, so you don’t need to bring everything of course, but bring it if you really think you’ll want it and use it. Worst case if you have to take it (or mail it) home to make a little more room. I didn’t have much room for books in my room, so I chose to bring about 4 that Ik new I would read over and over and make me feel good and remind me of home. It’s totally up to you!

Side Hustles Are The New Norm

A college is a place for students to spread their wings and try lots of new things, and one of those things is apparently side hustles. I had kids running mini bodegas from their rooms. Some girls did hair, makeup, and nails. Others sold their notes and study guides! Even if you don’t keep a full or part-time job while you’re in school, there is a market to sell for many things that you have instant access to within your dorm and campus! If you’ve been reading for a while then you know this blog is where my extra income comes from, and it’s how I buy my books and groceries so while you’re here, if you wanna help a girl out πŸ˜‰

I think those were my main takeaways because, for me, the schoolwork itself wasn’t very intense, and all I really needed to do was manage my time well (which shall be an upcoming post!). I hope you all enjoyed this little posts about my college experience so far and how you can improve yours too! Don’t forget to enter my anniversary giveaway filled with tons of beauty and skincare goodies! There’s still plenty of time to enter and share with your friends!

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