3 Tips For Self-Care During the Holiday Season

Welcome to December ladies and gents! Y’know life has a way of just coming at you so fast, and it doesn’t feel like 2017 is nearly over, yet it is. I had planned a November Empties post for today (which will go up Thursday instead), but I had an idea about self-care that really wouldn’t let me go until I wrote about it. With the holidays coming up, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family back home, dealing with finals at school, and making sure this blog runs smoothly. It can be…a lot. For a lot of people, the holiday season is something to look forward to with joy, and I do enjoy it, but it can also bring this overwhelming sense of anxiety that I haven’t accomplished everything this year that I wanted to.

It all came to a head this past weekend, and some of you may have noticed on my social platforms that I was effectively logging off until further notice. I had to stop something, and I had already identified keeping up with social media was one of my stressors. I deleted Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook from my phone (but not my accounts, don’t fret!) I cleaned out all of my old text messages. I backed my photos up to the cloud and deleted them all from my phone. I took all of the folders from my home screen and left a blank photo of a song lyric that I love.

It’s been 4 days since I last logged into social media and it feels like such a relief. The initial habit of picking up the phone to check for notifications has subsided. I went to a Christmas party and only snapped pics with my friends and the gingerbread house we made because it was fun not because I felt the need to post about it. And deleting my socials was only the beginning. Below I’ve left a few things I’ve done to take care of myself this holiday season, and begin to reset myself with self-care NOW, not just because the calendar told me to.

Listening to Podcasts

Part of starting to reset myself into a more positive, self-loving mood is educating myself on the things that matter to me, namely fashion, beauty, and business. However, instead of checking my socials every hour to see what the #influencers are up to, I’ve started listening to my favorite podcasts again. I love the #Girlboss Podcast as well as Refinery29’s Unstyled podcast. They both interview major power women in the fashion in the beauty industry and pick their brains about their work lives, personal lives, and more. There’s something soothing about listening to someone else talk for a little while instead of shouting my own voice into what feels like the void.

Reading For Leisure

In college, I spend a lot of time reading slides and notes from the textbook, and slowly, I stopped reading for leisure. This made me sad because I was the girl who checked out 10 books from the public library on a hot, summer day then went on my back deck and ate a popsicle while becoming totally engaged in the stories. I’ve started reading for myself again both fiction and nonfiction. I’m currently rereading #Girlboss (I love the #girlboss brand tbh), but I also love Ann Shoket’s The Big Life! For fiction, I just finished rereading my favorite book of all time The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but I’m waiting to get my hands on John Green’s new book Turtles All the Way Down.

I’ve also been taking the time to read my favorite websites on my laptop without other phone distractions including Racked and Into the Gloss. It’s nice to see the full quality of photos as they were intended in the full scope of the article.

Lots of Skincare

When I am stressed, my skin suffers. I get extra oily, I break out, and it’s just a bad time all the way around. Again, because I’m intentionally practicing self-care and not being attached to my phone 24/7, I’ve found more time in the morning to take care of ALL of my skin. I take showers just a little bit longer. I massage my lotion in. I take the full minute with my Clarisonic. I lay down with a sheet mask for an hour. I take care of me! And that’s okay.

No one should judge you for logging off and taking care of yourself. You’re not selfish for doing self-care. In fact, you’re doing your body a disservice by not taking a moment to stop and breathe. You’re not alone, and you’ve got this.

Soooo, now that I’ve got that off of my chest, here’s the good news! The TCM’s 4-year anniversary giveaway begins this Thursday on the November Empties Post! This is going to be the biggest giveaway I’ve ever done, so be sure to come back to see what you could win! Have a great day!


3 Tips for Self-Care During the Holiday Season

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