How to Finesse Your Ulta Rewards Program Part 2

Welcome back, faithful readers! I hope you all enjoyed part 1 of my Ulta rewards breakdown. If you missed it, definitely go back and read it! If you’re already a Platinum member, this one’s for you! . Once you’re Platinum, your rewards points no longer expire and that’s when the real fun begins! Below are some of my best tricks for maximizing your rewards points while spending the least amount of money.

Point Multipliers

Ulta frequently runs point multipliers on either all products, a specific brand, or particular items. The most popular multipliers are the ones on all products, which are usually 2x points for non-platinum members and 3x points for platinum members. This means for every dollar you spend you get 1 “base point” and 1 (or 2 for platinum) “bonus points. which is great when you were already planning to shop. I routinely wait to get my hair done until the triple points are on. $37 x 3 = 111 points in one go! that already $3 off your next purchase!

How to Finesse Your Ulta Rewards Program Part 2

I went through my emails from Ulta for the last 10 or so months and found that most of the 2x/3x multipliers have occurred on or around the 8th of the month unless the 8th fell on a Saturday.  With this knowledge, I now tend to hold off any major purchases I want to make if I know it can wait until one of those multipliers start up again. Other multipliers include 5x points on specific brands like Urban Decay or Too Faced or particular items like mascaras or fragrances. The 5x points are a lot more random, but if you were planning on making any brand specific purchases, that would be the day to do it.

How to Finesse Your Ulta Rewards Program Part 2

Members also receive double points during their birthday month and 5x points during their anniversary week (which is the week when you first signed up to be a rewards member. Be smart, and just sign up DURING your birthday month. That means one week out of the month, you’re getting 7x points on all of your purchases!

The best point multiplier there is is the annual Platinum 10x points event which generally occurs in late August. Platinum members get 10x points on certain brands and products and 5x points on everything else. I managed to rack up about 600 points this year during this sale! There are generally no associated coupons with this sale, but the points returns more than make up for paying full price.

Wait to Cash Out Your Rewards

As seen in the previous post, the number of points you earn equates to a particular dollar value off of your purchase. The thing is, not all Ulta points are created equal. At just 100 points, you only get $3 off of your purchase. This means each point is worth 3 cents. But at 2,000 points, you get $125 off of your purchase. This makes each point worth roughly 6 cents, which is twice as much as at a $3 value! The bottom line is, patience is key here.

Your points genuinely aren’t worth as much if you don’t wait to cash them out. The cashiers can only cash them out in the increments posted online as well. So saving and then spending them all at once is the move! It took me about 4 months of finessing the points, waiting for multipliers, and getting my hair done, but I saved up 2000 points to spend! Which brings me to Black Friday…

21 Days of Beauty & Beyond

Since you now know that cashing out your 2000 points all at once is the best course of action, here’s the tricky part. What exactly do you want? Because chances are, there will be a sale on it eventually. Cashing out your points during the 21 Days of Beauty Sale can be great, but only if 1 item you want is on sale for 1 day, which isn’t ideal. My suggestion is to wait for a big sale like Black Friday or Cyber Monday to do the dump like I did, or for a 20% off everything coupon which includes prestige. They only give those out a few times a year, but when it’s 20% off everything you buy, your points will go that much further.

I hope these tips help further your understanding of how the Ulta rewards program works and how to better finesse it in the future. I know it seems time intensive, but it really becomes second nature after a while. I wouldn’t trade in my Ulta rewards for the world! If you have any questions please feel free to drop them in the comments! If you have any tips of your own, def leave them down there too! I have finals next week, so I’m gonna be doing a loottt of detoxing! AND, my anniversary giveaway is coming up too! Stay tuned, and I’ll see you next week!


How to Finesse Your Ulta Rewards

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