Home Goods Gift Guide Under $20

One of my favorite parts of moving into college was decorating my dorm room however I liked it. I spent a lot of time in TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, and Target looking for the perfect items to make my space my own! So I’m showing you my favorite decor buys for under $20 so you can decorate your place too!

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Gift Guide Home Goods

  1. Gold Pencil Cup: I love the shimmer gold home items can bring to a room! This cup is a hammered gold holder for all of your writing utensils, or if you want to be a bit snazzy for party hosting, you can put those cute striped straws or candy inside of it!
  2. Over The Door Mirror: This over the door mirror from Target is the perfect way to make sure you can check your whole outfit before you head out of the door each day! My roomies and I all had the same idea. There are 4 in our suite!
  3. A Chic Wax Melter: Candles are great and all, and I know more than a few people who love to use their emptied candle jars as holders for q-tips and the like. However, consider wax melts! Especially in places that don’t allow candles, wax melters add an extra oomph to the room, and you get the greatest scents too! I buy mine from Bath and Body Works, but Target has some great scents as well.
  4. String Lights: String lights, or “fairy lights” as some call them, give a warm glow to whichever room you decide to put them in. I like how they look over a canopy bed or around the entryway between two rooms.
  5. Floor Rug: This reversible throw rug from Urban Outfitters will bring a little cozy onto your hardwood floors and give you an area to sit furniture so that it’s not sliding all over the place.
  6. Marble Storage Box: This little storage box is too cute! I’d use it for jewelry, lipsticks or even my never-ending supply of disappearing bobby pins and hair ties!
  7. Faux Baby Plants: Plants are known to liven up any home, but if you’re like me, and was not born with a green thumb, these little faux succulents are perfect for sitting on a windowsill or your desk and admiring!

Those are just a few ideas to brighten up your living space in your day to day life, and all for under $20! I hope you guys enjoyed this year’s gift guide series, and I may add to them as I find more cute trinkets you can pick up for Secret Santa and your loved ones. I will DEFINITELY be posting my post-Black Friday Haul, with a separate post for Cyber Monday because I plan on going all out! Everyone be safe, enjoy your families and the food, and have an awesome week!

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