Product Review: Glossier You

Happy Halloween, everyone! I’m super excited to share my costume with you all over on my Instagram (@thechicmachine) later today (and I’m 6 followers from 700 so help a gal out!) but before I do that, I want to talk a little bit about Glossier’s new fragrance, Glossier You. Now, you guys know I strive to bring my most honest thoughts about any product, but especially those I receive for free because I don’t want to compromise my integrity just for free stuff.Β That said, scent is an extremely personal thing. What works for one person may not be the same for another, and I really want y’all to take that in account with my review. So, let’s get started!

Product Review: Glossier You

What is Glossier You?

Glossier You is the latest product in the Phase 3 body line that Glossier has put out this year. It comes in a glass pink ombre bottle with a red cap, and it almost looks like a play on the Glossier G (in an artsy way). I wasn’t a fan of the bottle when I first saw it, and I’m still not compared to some other bottles. That said, the packaging overall with very cute, and it currently lives in there.

The perfume contains base notes of ambrette, ambrox, and musk along with top notes of iris root and pink pepper. Considering I don’t know what 2 out of the 3 base notes are, I’d call this a “grown-up scent”. I’m partial to florals like Marc Jacobs Daisy, Dot, or Honey (I just really like MJ perfumes okay?). Glossier You was not this. I described my sample on Instagram as a very earthy, almost dirty scent (of which I was correct because it has the iris root in it) before the actual notes were ever released, and I actually caught some flack from other reps that no one should be describing it as “dirty” because then they may not want to buy it and it makes it look bad. Again, honesty is my policy, and no one is going to tell me how I should or should not describe a product. Like, it’s my nose and my words. But also, it’s not like I dislike it.

Product Review: Glossier You

It was certainly very powerful to my nose at first, but the more I wore it, the more it sunk it into my skin. It was a very long-wearingΒ scent, and stayed on me well past 8 hours, but did fade a bit after that. Overall, if you like more “expensive” scents that are a bit more woodsy or unisex, Glossier You will probably resonate very strongly with you.

At $60 a bottle, it’s certainly above what Glossier normally charges for products, but unlike their sunscreen, you’re getting a lot for your money, and it’s still relativelyΒ low-priced compared to other high-end fragrances. If you’re hesitant to pull the trigger (and I would be considering it’s perfume), I believe they are still sending out samples with any order. You can always get 20% off using my link if you’re a first-time shopper, and if you’re not, if you’d consider still shopping through my link, I’d be grateful! <3

Make sure you hop over to my IG later today to see my full Halloween costume! It’s toΒ die for! Have an awesome day!

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