How To Remove Glitter Makeup In 4 Steps

Hey all! Welcome back to another wonderful how-to from yours truly, the glitter queen! I love a good glitter look, and I especially love loose glitter because it gives off the greatest sparkles! However, taking it off at the end of the night can be the biggest pain in the neck. However, after multiple trial and errors, I believe I’ve found the best routine to taking off intense glitter makeup. The best part is, it only takes 4 steps! Are you ready? Let’s get started!

1.Scotch Tape

So this is the crucial step that many people miss when taking off makeup. You gotta use a little bit of scotch tape. I recommend dollar store scotch tape because it’s not very sticky to begin with, and after you de-stick it some more with your fingertips, it shouldn’t tug on your skin as much. Take the tape and tap it on the areas with the heaviest amount of glitter. Most of it should come right up. Once you’ve done as much as you think you’re going to get up with the tape, then move to step 2!

2. Micellar Water

I’m not sure how micellar water does its magic, but it’s like a magnet for dirt and makeup on my face and practically obliterates the remaining amount of glitter. I use the Garnier Skinactive Micellar WaterΒ in the pink bottle for normal skin on a cotton pad to gently swipe over the affected areas. After these first two steps, most of the glitter should be gone, but there will always be a few pesky leftovers hanging out which is where the 3rd step comes in.

3. Oil Based Cleanser

An oil cleanser more effectively removes makeup and due to its thicker consistency, picks up remaining glitter fairly easily. I use Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser to gently massage around the eye area. Be careful to not get any into your eye. Even though cosmetic glitters are safer than craft glitter to use in a facial capacity, you still don’t want that crap in your eye.

4. Water Based Cleanser

At this point, almost all of the glitter should be gone. At this point, just follow up with a water based cleanser like Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser, and you’re all set! Don’t worry about one or two lingering flecks. They just make you look a little more fascinating in the light of day!

I hope this short how-to takes some of the stress out of taking off your glittery makeup! Now go out there and sparkle like you mean it! See you next week!

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How To Remove Glitter Makeup In 4 Steps

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