Fenty Beauty First Impressions

I know today seems like any other Tuesday, but in fact, Robyn Rihanna Fenty has blessed the makeup world with her very own makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Now before I get into my first impressions, I want to address a few things. First, I’m not a die-hard Rihanna fan. That said, I find her aesthetic to be beautiful, and I look up to her as a style icon. Secondly, I’m not going to compare it to KKW Beauty. I know a lot of people wanna be shady about the packaging and all that stuff, but theΒ products are what I’m concerned about, and what you should be too frankly. There is enough beauty world drama to go around lol. Let’s get started!

Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

So one fun Saturday, I went up to Lenox Square Mall (I LOVE living in Atlanta btw yall, everything is so close) to test out Fenty and redeem my Sephora birthday gift. Because I went alone, I got to spend an hour uninterrupted in the store just swatching and sniffing and just having a good time. The first thing I tried was the foundation, BUT since I was so excited I totally forgot to write down what shades I put on my arm. *cringe* Sorry guys. However, I applied it and let it dry down while I was testing other things so I have some views on the consistency.

The top 2 shades are foundations, the bottom shade is a match stix.

This foundation WILL oxidize. A couple days after my visit, a makeup artist was on Fenty’s IG stories talking about how it doesn’t oxidize, the shade just adjusts a bit as it dries because it loses a bit of water…You mean the definition oxidation sis? All of the shades I applied after drying down were a hair darker than they were originally. This is also a very liquidy formula! When I pressed the pump, I almost missed my arm, and from the looks of the floor around the display, I wasn’t the only one. My last first impression on the foundation was that it is very, very drying. The primer was not on the display, so I couldn’t try it with the primer, but to me it looked and felt dry to the touch. So I worry about how it would look on my actual face.

Fenty Beauty First Impressions

Match Stix

I had some of the same issues with the Match Stix as I did with the foundations. The concealer type sticks that were matte also felt kinda stiff and dry after application. Even when I was applying it to my arm to swatch, my skin was kinda getting dragged behind it instead of it gliding on. The Shimmer Sticks didn’t have that issue, and the colors were very pretty, especially on my deep skin.

Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

The lip gloss is very nice, in theory. I have two-toned lips, which I love of course, and I usually enjoy lipglosses because they play really well with the different colors of my lips. However, I think my lips almost exactly matched the shading of the gloss because it looked like I was just wearing my clear Glossier gloss! I liked the vanilla scent ad the packaging is cute AF, but I just wouldn’t buy it for myself. On lots of other people testing it, it looked very wearable and universal as claimed.

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters

Now to my favorite part, the highlighters!!!! Well, sorta my favorite part. The highlighters were hella pigmented. Like…HELLA. Justttt not on me. I have trouble with powder highlighters, especially ones with pinky/champagne tones. This is why I usually stick with…well stick or cream highlighters. The same pretty much went for most of the highlighter shades with the exception of Ginger Binge, Moscow Mule, and of course the true gold highlighter, Trophy Wife! If I had to pick something buy from the whole collection, it would easily be these two highlighters. They were pigmented in swatches and on my face, and Trophy Wife was what I had my eye on since the promos dropped!

Invisimatte Blotting Papers

Lastly, as an oily girl, I wanted to try the blotting papers and blotting powder (and compare it to Wowder, of course), but the blotting powder also wasn’t on the display (Lenox Sephora, get yaself together!!). The blotting papers didn’t do a thing. It just soaked up what it could from my oily forehead and nose, but I was still incredibly oily after. I wouldn’t want to use a bunch of the paper trying to take oil off, so I wouldn’t bother with it.

Final Fenty Thoughts?

The price points for all of these products are all under $40 (not counting the Match Stix Trio) which is reasonable considering Fenty has been marketed like a high-end makeup brand and could’ve been sold to us as such. Does it fall under a college budget? Not exactly. Is it a great treat/gift for yourself or a friend? Totally. I think you should pick one or two products you really want to try and grab those. This brand is also incredibly Black Girl Friendly! The big thing, of course, being the 40 foundation shades with multiple undertones making it extremely easy for people of all skin tones being able to find their match.

So that’s my Fenty first impressions! I’ll be keeping an eye out for the holiday collection because there are going to be an eyeshadow palette and more lip colors, so I’m excited! What other brands do you want me to do a first impression on? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you on Thursday!

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