Product Review: The Glossier Black Tie Set (+Giveaway!)


I’m a holiday junkie. My first indication that the holidays are here (besides the ever earlier Christmas music) are when stores begin releasing their holiday collections! I was very excited to see that Glossier was making the Black Tie Set and I bought 2 so if I really liked what was in it, they wouldn’t see out before I was able to get my hands on another one.

Alas, this may be the first time Glossier truly disappointed me with the products I received. But let’s start with the good first. Now the packaging was absolutely A1, which is standard for most Glossier products (looking at you Gen G!). They included a little booklet from their photo shoot at The Line which I thought was a nice touch.The box felt really sturdy and IΒ loved that black ribbon at first sight. So far I’ve worn it as a headband and a long bow for my ponytail. Wearing it as a choker is next on my list and I’m hoping I’ll figure out more ways to wear it as I go.

Haloscope in Moonstone

I loved the new Haloscope shade! It has a glassy blue/purple glow that just differs from Quartz, and I think it’s far more radiant than either Quartz or Topaz. I posted a swatch video on my IG (@thechicmachine) if you want to see it in action. I think it compares to Milk Makeup’s holographic highlighter if you’re looking for a dupe.

#1 Eyeliner in Graphite

Now onto the rest of the collection. I think the #1 Eyeliner in Graphite disappointed me the most out of all of the products. The smudging sponge on the end of it is useful, but since it the color looked more like a charcoal than a black, it just didn’t look pigmented to me. It looked like I tried to wipe off my regular eyeliner and didn’t get it all. The application wasn’t very smooth either and by the end of the day, it just looked melted, even with an eye primer. Thumbs down, Glossier.


The “Glossier Pink” Nail Polish

Great in theory, bad in execution. The color was perfect! But, the brush, in an effort to cover the whole nail in fewer swipes, was almost too bigΒ and didn’t hold a lot of product which led to an overall patchiness that I’m not a fan of. I subscribed to Julep Maven’s subscription box for a long time, and I’ve tried a LOT of nail polishes, and this one just didn’t meet standards. Maybe I just got a bad batch?

“Adult” Lip Gloss

Lastly, the lip gloss. I don’t wear lip gloss much, so I don’t have much to compare it to, but I don’t feel like this is a product I would’ve added in a holiday box? I know they’re trying to make it feel less juvenile, but I think it missed the mark. It’s very pretty, but I don’t think it belonged.

Happy Monday!

-Dymond M. <3

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  1. Hey Dymond! Did you ever figure out if the Glossier supers were the cause of your breakouts? Thanks for the giveaway, looks awesome πŸ™‚

  2. I still haven’t tried any glossier products yet – I need to get to it! And I’ve heard that about their nail polishes. I have puny nails so they probably aren’t for me. I’m all about a good highlight though so I might have to try that out.

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