Product Review: Glossier Haloscope

Happy Monday everyone! I have been without internet for almost a week now (data included) so I had to pull a couple strings to get this uploaded for you guys! Last week, Glossier dropped their latest addition to the Phase 2 makeup set, Haloscope highlighter, Beyonce “Self-Titled” Style. The first glimpse I saw was the new packaging on Alexa Chung’s Instagram, followed by moodboard snaps on the Glossier snapchat! Of course, the morning it dropped, I ordered it overnight immediately. The next day, I did my obligatory Snapchat unboxing (follow me @purplegeek15) and my first impression was a little iffy.



The Low Down


Haloscope comes in 2 shades, Topaz, a golden brown glow, and Quartz, a silver shimmer. Now Glossier has a reputation for working with all skin tones, and they haven’t failed me yet, but the Quartz swatches were ringing alarm bells in my head. It just looked funny.Β  I have yellow undertones, so naturally Topaz worked better on me. I’ve never used highlighter before because I’m naturally oily which reduces the need for artificial shine, but I feel Topaz looked very different than that. It kinda looked like it was coming from inside as opposed to sitting on the skin.


Quartz, on the other hand, looked very topical. With a little more blending, it looked less so, but it just didn’t look as natural as Topaz. I think I would have to be wearing a full face of glamour makeup to have Quartz “match” me. I think that Quartz would more naturally fit those with more blueish undertones.


Other than colors, Haloscope gets an A+ from me on packaging and application. I was worried because the photos looked a lot like the Generation G packaging which I was NOT a fan of (here’s hoping they fix it with restocks) but they’re a lot more sturdy than the GG sticks. Plus, I’m a huge fan of chubby stick applicators! They twist up when the product gets low, and I think it’s made for travel. All of the press releases for Haloscope included a little face chart for help with application, which was really simple, although I couldn’t find it on Glossier’s site, nor was it included with the package. The formula goes on very smooth and you just tap your fingers along the edge to blend. Perfect for highlighter newbies such as myself!


Final Thoughts?

Overall, I was impressed once again with Glossier’s dedication to their product and fanbase. I plan on integrating the Topaz highlighter into my summer glam look very soon! I have yet to see how Quartz will work out, but I hope it turns out well. Β I’d recommend them to a friend, so I guess that bodes well for them. Keep an eye out for updates.

Have an epic week!
-Dymond M. <3


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