Glossier Phase 2 Review

This one has been long in the making, but I’m glad to announce that Glossier Phase 2 is finally here! After hopping on board the Glossier crew last July, I’ve bought every single product they’ve had to offer (that is non limited editions- looking at you foil liners!) and I have been immensely satisfied. Now that their mini makeup line is here, I knew I would be going in with high expectations.


I liked this box a little bit more than that I liked the box that Phase 1 arrived in. While the Phase 1 box was roomier, it was harder to close properly whereas the Phase 2 box is unfoldable with a magnetic clasp for easy opening. Also includes flawless photography inside. Of course it wouldn’t be Glossier if it didn’t come with its trademark stickers and poster! One side has a very mood board-esque theme while the other side had another model. (Note: I ordered another Glossier package shortly after that and received the same model poster. Not sure if there is any variety in which models appear on the posters or not.)



Now onto the products! I’ve already written a pretty decent review on the ever popular “soft launch” of Phase 2, Boy Brow. I had actually just run out of my first tube a few days after receiving this so I didn’t even have to wait on the mail to get some more. As for that 10,000 person waiting list? Sorry you guys, but it’s worth the wait. There weren’t any noticeable packing updates so that’s all I really have to say about that.


The next product is the one I was most hesitant to buy: Stretch Concealer. As a self proclaimed makeup junkie, I have never worn concealer. Heck, I barely wear foundation, mainly because 1) I don’t like to cover my skin up. I firmly believe the reason I have such great skin is because of the lack of facial makeup I wear and how often I cleanse it. 2) Concealer always seemed like extra to me. I don’t really get pimples, and I have a fairly even skin tone, so I wasn’t sure I really needed it. I decided to give it a go simply because the under eye circles resulting from my glasses were getting a little bit more noticeable than usual. I have to say, I’m impressed. I ordered the color deep, and the formula itself is very creamy and easy to apply (I used my fingers). The dark circles became almost nonexistent with proper application, and didn’t crease throughout the day. I did get some on the bridge of my glasses (there are also dark circles on my nose from that), but I think as a glasses wearer, it was to be expected. In conjunction with the Perfecting Skin Tint, I think it does its job well.

Speaking of PST, I’m realizing I never wrote a review for that either. I think the best way I can put it, is that is a tinted moisturizer without the moisturization. I usually mix it with the Priming Moisturizer to get it to go a little farther because otherwise I feel like I”m using a lot of product to cover a small section of my face. Not a bad product, but you really have to use it with something else for the full effect.


Lastly, was the one I was most excited for, Generation G. The way Glossier markets GG is as a matte finish lipstick that goes on like a balm and stains like a popsicle (i.e. light and cute). I have to say I was very disappointed in the packaging for this product. I have come to expect a lot in the way of packaging from Glossier, but being as real as possible, it was a plastic tube. I’m sure Boy Brow’s tube was also plastic. But did it look plastic? No. Also, it was a see-through plastic. When it first arrived actually, I had such a hard time getting the cap off that some of the formula got on the side of the tube. *sigh* The product itself was nothing fancy. The color was nice (I ordered Jam), but a tad misleading. It is NOT as purple as they make it out on the website (or maybe not on brown skin), but I think it fit the popsicle stain description nicely. I’m not the hugest fan of matte, so the drying was a bit awkward for me, but I found you could apply Balm Dotcom on top for a glossy finish. As opposed to concealer and brow gels, I have tried tons of lipsticks, and Generation G wouldn’t rank too high up on the list for me. I’d probably wear it purely for aesthetics and not much else.



I hope you all enjoyed that in depth review of the Glossier Phase 2 set! I promise to reign in my inner fangirl for a while, but don’t worry, she’ll still be around. Remember you can try out any of these products and more for 20% off using my unique referral link!

Have a great day!

-Dymond <3

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