The Cinderella Fashion Collection

When I was little, I was (surprisingly) uninterested in Disney movies. I was more of a reader, so that’s where I got all of my fairy tale renditions and that’s why I know how all those cute Disney fairy tales really ended. A morbid curiosity with the original fairy tale endings has followed me into teenager-hood, hence my obsession with the live action remakes of movies like Alice in Wonderland and Beastly. Now the latest in the line of darker, live action remakes of my favorite fairy tales is finally coming to life in the form of Cinderella! Sadly, the movie won’t be coming out until March 13. Luckily for us, our favorite punk/pop culture mall staple, Hot Topic, has designed a line inspired by the upcoming movie.This is the promo trailer HT released for the collection.

It’s a bit low budget, even for Hot Topic, but it gives us a good look at the overall collection as well as the individual pieces in the collection. There are a couple pieces that I am drooling over.

First and foremost is what I believe to be the potatoes of this collection, a powder blue corset ball gown modeled after the dress that comes to our mind when we first think of Cinderella. The dress features a tulle circle skirt, chiffon off-shoulder straps, and a lace up back. I hate to tell all you ladies that were hoping to pre-order this dress for your upcoming party/prom/etc. (In-Store sales start tomorrow), but it’s currently out of stock and that’s just pre-orders. I would assume that they’d restock soon to keep up with demand, but I’d call your local HT or their customer service to find out. If they do restock before general sale, it seems that the dress has been discounted to about $51, and full price is $64.50.


2 years after writing this post, I had the pleasure of wearing this beautiful dress to my senior prom! You can click to read my post and see all of the pictures!

Next up is the Victorian waistcoat! First off, can we just enjoy its exterior? We’re dealing with a suede shell as well as lace detailing. The button used to help close the coat even has a slipper notched onto it. Cute! The inside is what really excites me though! It’s a satin lining with an allover carriage and clock print. Just ugh! Somebody buy this for me! The coat is currently discounted for $63.60 but the full price is $79.50. Even though it may feel like winter is never going to end, it’s actually going away pretty soon, so my suggestion is to wait for the dead of summer to buy this coat when it will most likely be heavily discounted and then bask in its warmth when the fall and winter months hit us again. The coat is still available for pre-order in sizes small through extra large.

Now I know I’m not the hugest fan of crop tops, but I feel that when paired with a modest high waisted skirt as shown in the picture, they can actually come off as kinda cute! The skirt comes with a tulle underlining, more slipper notched buttons, and a zippered back. It’s printed with two carriages and a clock which is perfectly in tune with the theme of the collection. The skirt is still available for pre-order in size XL. The crop top is going to be a perfect summer staple, but it is also sold out for pre-order currently.The top features a scalloped sweetheart neckline and more slipper buttons! Its discounted cost is $23.60 and full price is $29.50, so I’d still nab it when it goes on sale if you have the means to.

The last big-ticket clothing item in the collection is the peasant sweetheart dress. This dress seems to resemble Cinderella before her magical transformation which is why they used the word peasant I guess. 😀 This dress has a ribbon lace bust, a lace-up corset bodice, lace-up back and a pleated chiffon underskirt with allover Cinderella print. This dress is perfect for a date night or a day out shopping or just basking in the sun. This dress is sadly also out of stock for presale. At this point in my research/reviewing, I seriously hope they restock and restock soon. The dress is discounted at $39.60, but full price is $49.50.

The HT Cinderella collection also features some of the coolest accessories I’ve seen to go with these super cute clothes.

For some odd reason, I could not find most of the clothes available for pre-order by searching through the HT website, so I had to google each individual item and link to it. I was able to find most of the accessories on one page, so here is that. If you can wait a day after seeing all of these incredible items, the collection goes on sale in stores tomorrow, so save yourself some shipping and go check it out before they sell out! If you’d like a look at some more photos of the outfits, stop by your local HT and pick up a little booklet with tons of beautiful, artsy shots of the clothes. You can also check out the links I’ve left in this post for more angles of the clothes and accessories.

I hope you guys enjoyed this in-depth look at The Cinderella Fashion Collection, and I hope you have a fabulous Monday!


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