October Julep Maven Box: The Black Magic Collection

Ah fall. Thou art the most irritating season weather wise. Luckily for the fashion and cultured world, that’s a different story. And while the crisp winds and gloomy days may not be my forte, I do love the color palette for fall. The bright yellows, dark reds, comfy browns help me ease into the season and gear up for holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Speaking of Halloween, I recieved my October Julep Maven Box (titled the Black Magic Collection) and gosh do I love it!

What’s Inside?

I switched from my regular Bombshell box and picked up the Classic with a Twist box consisting of DeAnn (a reddish wine color) and Logan (an almost bruise-colored purple). Both remind me of fall because of how they’re like deep colored versions of my favorite summer berries, blackberries and raspberries. Also in the box was a mask called the Night Shift sleeping mask. Basically, you massage it over you face before you go to sleep, then rinse it off in the morning. I’ve only been usingΒ it a few days, but it does moisturize my skin overnight, and it smells great! I’ll update you on the long term results later! It also had CANDY CORN!!!! I love candy corn! Candy corn is bae. I just can’t even begin to talk about how much I love candy corn and how I flipped out when I opened the box and saw it. Just….yes. Thanks, Julep!

With this month’s box purchase, I now have 2000 Jules(rewards points) so I can grab a free box! You want a free box too? Just click here and for $3 shipping, you get a free box, and a bunch of cool,new beauty and nail products to try every month. Customize it however you like!

That’s all for today! I’m going to my school’s Homecoming Dance tonight, so check out my Instagram and Twitter (both @thechicmachine) for plenty of prepping and actual event photos!


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  1. Thanks for the “Friend of A Friend” discount link! I’d like to try it (I’ve heard great things about Julep), but it says you subscription will automatically be renewed once you’ve placed your order for the free box. Do you know if there’s a way I could cancel my automatic renewal if I try out the polishes and don’t like them?


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