7 Things You Missed At New York Fashion Week

7 Things You Missed At New York Fashion Week

Fashion Month is a hectic four-week trip around the world, first at New York, then London, then Milan, and finally stopping all the way in Paris. There are so many shows going on that even with all of the extensive coverage, it can be difficult to consume it all. Luckily for you, here are seven bite-sized pieces about what you missed at New York Fashion Week!

1. Rihanna On a Dirt Bike

Riding high from her Fenty Beauty launch, Queen Ri herself finished off the edgy Spring 2018 ready to wear show by riding down the runway in a neon green ensemble on the back of a dirt bike. Your fave could never.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

2. Kate Spade Is Classy As Usual

One of everyone’s favorite bag lines, Kate Spade, also had the cutest designs for Spring 2018. There were lots of florals and gingham and one very cute crocodile wicker handbag on display. Is it April yet?

Source: The LA Fashion Magazine

3. Marc Jacobs Missed His Mark Again

At last year’s New York Fashion Week, designer Marc Jacobs came under fire for displaying non-POC models in colored locs, an act for which he apologized only after posting an initial response on Instagram doubling down on the issue. This year, he sent white models down the runway in headwraps which are commonly worn by POC and thus, are discriminated against for doing so. Sorry Marc, it’s gonna be a no from us.

Source: Hypebae

4. Alexander Wang’s Surprise Show

Alexander Wang’s famous #WangFest show almost always garners the hype it deserves and this year was no different. While the actual show intended for editors and the fashion elite was scheduled for 10 pm that evening in Bushwick, at 9 p.m. Wang bussed in the models to Nolita and did a show. Wang then proceeded to the official show. Many critics of the official show claimed that it wasn’t as good as recent years, while others believe they’re just a little bitter that they weren’t first to watch.

Source: Man Repeller

5. Ralph Lauren + Luxury Cars = A Really Good Time

Ralph Lauren decided to hold his runway show in his actual garage. Models walked amongst a $40 million Bugatti, a candy apple red Ferrari (after which several of the looks were modeled), and one sexy silver Porsche. I’m sure the clothes and cars combined could pay our tuition many times over.

Source: Glazia

6. Fidget Spinners At Tory Burch

We all thought we could escape that toy our middle school siblings all know and love, the fidget spinner. However, Tory Burch added one as a pendant to a necklace and the internet collectively lost its mind. Art imitates life, no?

Source: Hello Giggles

7. Leslie Jones at Christian Siriano

One of the things about NYFW is that it could be considered a fairly buttoned-up affair. Everyone wants to look good and not end up on a worst-dressed list. Then, Leslie Jones came and saved the day! She sat front row at the Christian Siriano show and yelled, laughed, and showed her deep appreciation for the clothes, which made everyone else around loosen up too. Siriano is known for designing dresses for Jones’ Ghostbusters movie premiers after no other major designers would.

Source: Vanity Fair

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Glossier’s Body Hero Duo Is Here

Glossier's Body Hero Duo is Here

Welcome back ladies and gents! Yesterday, Glossier began Phase 3 of their product line, Body Hero, which contains the Daily Oil Wash and the Daily Perfecting Cream.I’m super into this duo for two reasons. First, I’m a college kid with no bathtub, and I can’t bask in the wonder that are my Lush bath bombs anymore, so this is making me feel pretty good about showering and relaxing. Secondly, I have eczema and it’s really hard to find products that are moisturizing but don’t smell like a hospital. Glossier really managed to find that perfect mix and I’m in love with it.

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The Daily Perfecting Cream is $22 and the Daily Oil Wash is $18, but together the duo is $35 and ships free! Plus, if you’re new to the Glossier crew, you can use my link for 20% off your first order bringing the total down to $28 (and it still ships free!).

One more thing before I go! Priming Moisturizer is now $22 instead of $25 and the Phase 1 set’s price has been lowered to $40! Now you can start with the brand’s basics without shelling out as much money!

I’ll have a full review up of the duo soon, but until then take it easy!

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Happy Birthday Balm Dotcom Giveaway!

It’s that time of year again everybody. VIRGO SEASONNNNNN! Anyone who knows me knows I take my birthday and all of its goings-on very seriously. I’m always signed up for my favorite shops’ email lists so I can maximize on the birthday freebies (Very much looking forward to the Ulta NYX birthday palette!). However, I want to treat you guys this year! I’m giving away a Glossier Birthday Balm Dotcom as well as a Generation G lipstick in any shade of your choice (review and swatches linked here)!

Happy Birthday Balm Dotcom Giveaway

How Do I Win?

Glad you asked! All you have to do is go to THIS Instagram post, and comment with your favorite cake flavor and tag a friend. You don’t even have to like or follow! It’s really easy and I’ll be drawing the winner on my birthday, Sunday, September 10th, at 5 PM EST! This is my way of saying thank you to everyone who reads and engages with me and this blog! And if you don’t win, don’t forget my 4th blog anniversary is coming up in December and it’s gonna be lit! Stay tuned, and good luck!

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The Best Alternatives to Black Eyeliner

Audrey Hepburn. Amy Winehouse. Ariana Grande. These are some of the women who inspired a generation with big, bold, black cat eyeliner. However, in light of the transition from summer to fall, I propose that we slow down on the liner. Yes, it’s a dramatic statement, but I feel like there are many other eye looks that don’t have to rely on the heavy black eyeliner we all know and usually love. I’ve found I like the natural shape of my eye, and I’ve started wearing eyeliner, in general, less and less. However, if you don’t wanna ditch the liner life completely, here are a couple alternatives that you can try.

Brightly Colored Eyeliner

One way to still transform your eye shape with liner without it being so heavy is colored eyeliner! I currently own Colourpop’s liner in the shade Teaspoon,   a NYX pencil liner in the shade Gold Glitter, and two NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in the shades Milk and Purple Velvet. They’re fun, more lighthearted and make my eyes pop!

The Best Alternatives to Black Eyeliner

Just Eyeshadow

I’ve found that with many of my super pigmented eyeshadows, dark thick eyeliner tends to detract from the overall look. So instead, I’ve started just wearing the eyeshadow alone. It lets the colors really pop, and I like it like that. Another idea is to take an angled liner brush and wet it, and then applying the shadow as a liner. Same effect as a colored liner, but you have a bit more control over it. Cream eyeshadows are also really good for this technique, but I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t dry in such a way that it’s terribly hard to get off. If you all have suggestions, let me know.

Brown Eyeliner

This is a trend that I’ve found myself loving the idea of more and more. Brown liner is a softer stance than black liner with the same eye shape changing qualities. For brown girls, however, it can be difficult to find a shade that actually shows up on us, so do a little shopping around to find the best brown for YOUR brown.

What’s your favorite black liner alternative? Do you prefer pencil, gel, or liquid (I’m gel!)? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you Thursday!

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The Problem With the Taylor Swift Reputation Merch

The Problem with the Taylor Swift Reputation Merch

By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, everyone and their mom has heard that Taylor Swift is back. Following her successful assault trial, T-Swizzle has returned with a new album, titled Reputation, single and music video. While I could spend some time talking about the time appropriateness of the launch, cultural themes in her music video, and just the overall tone of the campaign, I’ll save that for Twitter. This is a personal style and beauty blog, so we’re talking MERCH. A few months ago I talked about how concert merchandise has a special place in my heart and also in the hearts of many others I’m sure. However, I have a couple problems with not only the design of Taylor’s merch but the marketing principles behind it.

Please note that obviously, I’m not a Taylor Swift stan. I’m a big fan of Speak Now and Red, and I really haven’t heard a single that wasn’t a bop until this most recent one, so her music is not what I take issue with. Rather, it’s the persona she has adopted over the years since she removed herself from the country scene and inserted herself into pop.

So What’s With the Snakes?

At first glance, her merch seems innocent enough. Got a CD, some shirts with the album cover on it. Then come snake rings, a hoodie with snake detailing, plus a couple items with a very particular font many of us are familiar with. Starting with the snake, let’s just say that trying to “reclaim” the snake part of the narrative she wanted no part of is shady at best and intentionally obtuse at worst. I mean, just last year she was responsible for Instagram allowing users to ban certain phrases (in this case, snake emojis) from their pages. I get that people change their minds about things, but this is an obvious marketing tactic, one that doesn’t sit well with me.

The Problem With the Taylor Swift Reputation Merch

Then the Kanye font. No, he hasn’t actually trademarked that font, but the similarities are uncanny, and of course, many people have pointed it out. People have also pointed out that the album is set on Donda West’s anniversary of death but I don’t think Taylor Swift would go out of her way to do something like that, and it’s the furthest reach I’ve seen all of 2017.

The Problem With the Taylor Swift Reputation Merch

Taylor Swift Tix: Shady or Helpful?

So you think her merch is shady. What’s the big deal? Well yeah, everything mentioned above is pretty much an opinion, and because I’ve never met the girl, I could be entirely wrong. However, the big glaring problem with Taylor’s merch strategy for this album is the connection to concert tickets. Ticket bots have been a huge problem in recent years for real fans trying to get good seats to shows which has lead to many artists partnering with ticket providers to have Verified Fan Sales. Swift’s team has gone one step further with Taylor Swift Tix. It allows fans to complete “unique activities” to increase their chances of getting tickets including buying music and merchandise.

Yes, there are some free activities like watching music videos and joining the email list but those are “low boosts” and therefore not super helpful when the Waitlist to Priority Line refreshes every 24 hours. I think this crosses the line from “helping the fans” to taking advantage of them. I believe the hardcore fans will be willing the participate in this, but my main concerns are the casual fans and the young, impressionable ones with parents who can’t necessarily afford to buy merch AND tickets, especially since buying the merch does not guarantee a ticket. Ethically, I’m not here for this, and this is why I don’t carry much sympathy for Taylor Swit and some of the things she gets crap for because she is complicit in much of it.

Do you guys care about any of this? What are your thoughts on TSwift, postitive or negative? Do you agree with her marketing tactics? Sound off in the comments and I’ll see you next week!

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Why TF Are We Still On Instagram If We Hate It?

On Sunday, I posted an Instagram post basically unloading my frustrations with Instagram, its algorithm and all of the mental behaviors associated with it. When I really started thinking about it, it almost felt like I was going through some jacked up version of the 7 stages of grief. Denial that IG isn’t the god-like platform we’ve all built it up to be, guilt over having contributed to its rise, anger and bargaining over multiple algorithm changes, and now I’m in the reflection stage.

Why TF Are We Still On Instagram If We Hate It?

1) The Algorithm

I’ve been blogging since I was 15 years old. These years are obviously very formative, and being one of the first generations who really grew up with the omnipresence of social media, I think my being so involved with Instagram and figuring it out as the platform grew wasn’t the healthiest thing I could’ve done? That said, I remember back then, that chronological order was far better for discovery purposes than the new “engagement” based algorithm. I could see my friends, brands and other bloggers I follow all in the order that they posted. Now, I can refresh the page upwards of 4 or 5 times and the same few photos will still be sitting on the top! This is actually why I discontinued my Best of Instagram series. I couldn’t find anything new or interesting anymore! All because IG decided that their “engagement” (like and comments + follower counts) made that photo worth promoting towards the top of my feed. I put engagement in quotes because a lot of engagement these days are inauthentic.

2) Like and Comment Pods + Individual Users

Firstly, you’ve got blogger like and comment pods. I’ll be fair and say I’ve been in a few, but I left because the work involved in keeping up with liking and commenting on a few other bloggers’ posts was never worth the return on your own. Not to mention, half of the people participating in these groups are already in the thousands of followers, so I don’t see why they need our engagement. But basically, a member of the pod will post a photo and then everyone in the pod is required to go like and/or leave a “substantial” comment (ie 4 or more words, no emojiis). I found that while some of the smaller pod members would leave actual comments on the subject of a photo, others would say something like “Love it” and keep moving.

Plus, between F4F (follow for follow) hashtags, spam accounts, and users who “blog” so they can “get free stuff”, blogger Instagram, at least, is oversaturated with those that, it seems, have forgotten about the craft of blogging. It feels inauthentic and as part of a generation that values authenticity in everything, I constantly wonder why we subject ourselves to something like IG.

3) Stories, Shadowbans and Beyond

There are a few other smaller things about IG that get on my nerves but not as much as the aforementioned problems. IG as a platform is shady AF. How on earth we all let Facebook (who owns IG if you missed that) blatantly rip off Snapchat’s stories function, I will never understand. I guess it all depends on who you actually want to see what you’re doing because on Snap, it’s more for your friends, and on IG it’s for your “business contacts”. Regardless, as a business that’s irritating to watch and doesn’t put IG in a great light for me. Add on the fact that only accounts with 10k+ followers can utilize links in their stories (which are often more viewed than photos), and it just seems unbalanced.

Then we’ve got hashtags and shadowbans. It’s bad enough that in order to try and move my photo up, I need to utilize all 30 hashtags that we’re allowed in the caption of a post. But now, if I use the hashtags that have garnered the most attention too much, IG will just stop showing them in the search results! It’s like all of the chips are stacked against smaller accounts as opposed to a platform like Twitter or Pinterest where good quality content is the only thing required to gain a substantial platform.

Final Thoughts

I feel like I’ve let a massive load off of my chest. No, I don’t claim to be “not like the other girls” or “not basic” or whatever some people my age who shun social media claim to be. I just believe that my generation has the power to enact change in most everything we do, so sitting here and subjecting myself to a platform I really don’t like just because it’s what’s there and it’s what everyone else is using. Am I going to keep using Instagram? Yes. Will I be changing the way I interact with the platform? Also, yes. Instagram only has as much power as we the users give it, and I think there are much better ways to interact with it in an authentic way without trying to trick the algorithm or other users.

I hope you guys enjoyed this introspective type post because I think I’m going to be doing more of these, starting with Taylor Swift’s merch marketing! What are your thoughts on Instagram and social medias in general? Leave me a thought in the comments, and I’ll see you next week.

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Product Review: Glossier Wowder For Dark Skin

Hey, everyone! Sorry for the delay in posts, but if you’ve been following me on literally any of my socials (@thechicmachine) then you’d know I finally moved into COLLEGE! Yes, siree I’m officially a Georgia State Panther and I’ve been exploring campus and all it has to offer. The transition has been great, I’ve met a lot of cool people, and my classes aren’t terrible which is always a plus. One of the things about living on campus in a metro area like Atlanta is that there is a lot of walking involved. Great for my calves, not so great for my makeup. I have combo oily skin with most of the oiliness occurring in my T-Zone, and this is extra sucky with the Georgia humidity. Thankfully, Glossier has released another product designed for those not 100% on board with their “ultra dewy” messaging! Wowder is a translucent powder in three shades designed to mattify and decrease shine on days when dewy is not on the memo.

Product Review: Glossier Wowder For Dark Skin

I received Wowder in the shade Dark/Deep which is my corresponding shade in Perfecting Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer. I’ve never used another translucent powder, but I have used the Covergirl Clean Matte Pressed Powder so that’s what I compared this to. For a good frame of reference, the first several times I used Wowder, I did not use my Urban Decay setting spray to see how well it worked on its own. The first time I wore Wowder, I put it on my whole face. Now my cheeks and chin are not oily and can verge on dry from time to time, so this did not sit well. It clung to my dry patches a bit so I didn’t like that at all!

On the other hand, on my t-zone it worked very well. It didn’t sit on the top of my skin as a pigment like the Covergirl pressed powder, but almost melted into a cream like consistency after application. It didn’t make my skin look overly pale, and made it look matte but not dried out. The wear time on my forehead was about 8 hours, but on my nose, it wa only about 4. What can I say? I’m hella oily!

Product Review: Glossier Wowder For Dark Skin

The Wowder brush was a totally different story! It’s smaller than my Real Techniques powder brush and more angled so I could get spots like under my eyes and on the sides of my nose. As for the trampoline mesh, I think it’s helpful to an extent, but it’s actually harder to get out the amount I need sometimes.

For $35, it’s a great value. You get a brush that you can use with other products and a .25 oz powder that works well with oily skin and has a natural finish when used correctly. If you think you’ve gotten the wrong shade you can always exchange it for free, and the duo ships free! Wowder by itself is $22 USD and the brush alone is $20.

Remember you can get 20% off of your purchase with my referral link which puts the duo at $28! Leave me a comment below about your oily or dry skin nightmares! Have an awesome week!

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Anjolee Jewelry Diamond Ring Collab

Anjolee Jewelry Diamond Ring Collab

I received the product in this post for free from the company in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Okay, everyone. You have approximately 30 seconds to get out all diamond related name puns that your heart desires. I have put up with them the last 18 years and I can bear 30 more seconds….Y’all done? Great! Now that that’s done, let me introduce you to a really cool jewelry brand, Anjolee Jewelry. I’m not the biggest jewelry fan, but I do like rings and pretty much anything with my birthstone, sapphire, in it. So when Anjolee offered me the opportunity to test drive one of their replica rings, I jumped at the chance.

Anjolee Jewelry Diamond Ring Collab

Anjolee Jewelry is most notable for their diamond ring selection and engagement rings! However, they also have cutely shaped fashion rings as well. They’re in the pricier range than is common for most college students, but it’s certainly something to consider as a graduation gift to yourself! The replica ring they sent me is made of silver and cubic zirconium which sparkles just as much as a true blue diamond ring, but it’s not so expensive, so if I lose it (which I’ve been prone to do) I won’t be terribly sad. Obviously, I’m a long way off from engagement, so I sized up to a 7.5 ring size and just wear it on my middle finger.

The three stone design I picked out is perfect for me! It’s not too dainty, but it’s not full blown costume jewelry either, so it fits perfectly in my anti-capsule wardrobe. The sapphire stones are absolutely stunning and complement my skin tone very well too! I’m also a fan of the tiny diamonds around each stone as opposed to one huge rock in the center! I was impressed with the quality of just a replica ring, so I can only assume that the genuine product is quality as well. I will certainly be wearing it on many days in the near future because you know what they say: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

Anjolee Jewelry Diamond Ring Collab

Want to see more of my fabulous jewelry? Make sure to follow me on Instagram @thechicmachine! I have lots of cool earrings, necklaces, and more that I almost always tag so you know where to find yours too! Do you have a piece of jewelry with sentimental value? Let me know in the comments below, and have an awesome week!

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6 Pieces to Include in Your Anti Capsule Wardrobe

Every day, I do a mini scroll through Pinterest. What’s become frustrating is the lack of new, interesting style looks! Every blogger seems to be using the same silhouettes and color palettes! I’ve always liked a good helping of color to my outfits, so all of the posts about having a “capsule wardrobe” are practical, but unoriginal in this day and age. That’s why I’m showing you 6 great pieces you should own in your Anti Capsule Wardrobe. Basically, an ACW is full of clothing pieces that can also be used with multiple outfits, but have a little more life to them, ya feel? Today, I’ve gathered 6 pieces that should definitely be part of your ACW!

6 Pieces For An Anti Capsule Wardobe

A Tulle Skirt

Contrary to popular belief, tulle skirts don’t have to make you look childish like a fairy princess. It doesn’t have to be super fluffy and short like a Halloween costume, nor does it have to be an outrageous color (although I like mine that way). Some great tulle skirts exist out there! I enjoy skirts with an elastic waistband, an a-line shape, and a midi length. It reads fun yet sophisticated. I own one from Rue21 in a gorgeous wine red, but black, navy blue, mint, and peach are all popular colors as well!

“Special” Denim

Everyone knows the benefits of a good pair of blue jeans. However, there’s a way to step up your denim game without sinking to the lows of clear pants. I define “special” denim as denim with embroidery, sequins, painted, etc. Anything that takes a regular pair of jeans to the next level without changing the basics. I don’t recommend colored denim for this only because it tends to deviate from its original color over time. Also, go crazy with the cut! Skinny jeans are cute, but have we forgotten the beauty of flares and bootcuts???

Animal Print

People have forgotten that animal print can be chic and not cheesy. Think about it like Fran Drescher from the TV comedy, the Nanny. She loved animal print, but always made sure to wear it with clean silhouettes and basic colors! I’m partial to leopard print, but you pick your fave! Plus, this isn’t limited to your clothing! Animal print accessories pack the punch without being overbearing!

6 Pieces to Include in Your Anti Capsule Wardrobe
From my fave IG account, What Fran Wore!

Lots of Hats

The world of hats is so versatile, but no one seems to wear anything besides Dad hats these days. Now, I’m not knocking them (I have a couple) but I love the theatrics of a good hat, and there’s one for everything! Beanies are my personal favorite, but I have a new affinity for sun hats this year, so that’s always fun!


I think I personally don’t give scarves enough credit! It’s probably because I wear a lot of graphic tees, and scarves tend to block the messaging, but now that I own a couple pieces that are solid colors, I think scarves would make a great addition to my wardrobe. They come in a lot of colors, patterns, and fabrics, so you could wear one with literally anything. I’m not a fan of infinity scarves, but rather traditional ones so I can tie them however I feel on that day!

Statement Jewelry

Last, but certainly not least, we need STATEMENT jewelry in our Anti Capsule Wardrobe. I’m talking the exact opposite of tiny studs, infinity rings, and just overall “dainty” jewelry. I want geometric shapes, big jewels, holographic nonsense! I have a pair of hoops in the shape of stars, some hot pink chandelier type earrings also shaped like stars, and a choker with a holographic planet charm. The more unique the better!

I hope you guys enjoy my favorite pieces for an Anti Capsule Wardrobe! What funky pieces would you include in your ACW? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see ya next week!


Heads up! This post was feature on the Independent Fashion Bloggers weekly round up! Be sure to go check out the other great bloggers who were also featured!
Links à la Mode, August 3rd

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Glossier Wowder Is Here

Good news for all of my Glossier fans out there! It’s LAUNCH DAY! Today, Glossier has dropped the latest in its line of makeup, Wowder. Now, all the marketing talking about “It’s not a powder. It’s Wowder.” is a little cheesy, I’ll admit. However, as a person with combo oily skin, all of Glossier’s products do not work for my skin as they adhere strictly to their “dewy” look (talking about you PM Rich!). SO I’m very excited to try a powder that can possibly control this oil on my face! I currently use the Covergirl Clean Matte Pressed Powder, and I’ll have a comparison review up after I’ve had some time to test it out more thoroughly.

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Glossier's Wowder is Here
Photo courtesy of Glossier

I was always skeptical of loose, translucent type powders because they always look so white in the pan, but Wowder comes in 3 different shades! Plus, Jackie Aina already put up her review of it, so I know this is coins well spent! Wowder costs $22 USD ($27 CAD) by itself for the inevitable restock, BUT you can get a Wowder/Brush combo for $35 USD ($45 CAD) which saves you $7 than if you bought the brush and Wowder separately. If you don’t need another powder (and let’s be honest with ourselves here) but you want to give the brush a go, it is $20 USD ($25 CAD). Now for me, that’s a lot for a brush, and I’ll also be comparing this brush to my Real Techniques powder brush in the near future.

Are you a first time Glossier customer? Well, you’re in luck! Shop with my link and get 20% off and EVERYONE gets free shipping with the Wowder Duo! That’s $28 USD ($36 CAD) for the duo, $17.60 USD ($21.60 CAD) for just the Wowder, and $16 USD ($20 CAD) for just the brush! So what are you waiting on??

Happy shopping!

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